Drurdar Mon Tane's Spellbook

Four decades before the Storm Wars, the last of the goddess Dion's followers died -- nearly five millennia after the goddess herself had died. The trajedy of the death did not go unnoticed, and several followers of Agincoth buried the follower in hallowed waters. His belongings were donated to the Strir Narn, the capital of the Church of Olorin. There the belongings stayed until the Inquisition, when they were placed inside the Cache Vault of Olorin on the tip of the Eed Peninsula.

The follower's name was Drurdar Mon Tane (22nd-level water elementalist). Drurdar took up the following of Dion from another water elementalist, in a long line of mentors to students dating back to the Shaping Wars. The spells and spellbooks that were passed along gained in power, and the faith and mystique surrounding the dead goddess -- and the spells -- grew. Drurdar was a realist, however, and merely polished upon the centuries and millennia of spells. Tired of living a lie, he died of a broken heart after a lifetime of wandering over all of Gaeleth.

Protection: Recording so much information took considerable time and space; his master spellbook was actually a collection of nearly identical-appearing spellbooks bound together through magic -- thirteen in all, for a total of fifteen-thousand pages. No individual spellbook can be removed more than twenty feet from the others, without the book turning to liquid and flowing back to the other spellbooks. The liquid spellbooks can travel for thousands of miles, uphill and through cracks, until they reunite. The spell also protects the books from damage -- and they deffinitately cannot be burnt, or damaged by fire. Each time any of the books was opened without uttering the command word, a water elemental is summoned to defend the book. Drurdar alone could control the elemental without a thought; anyone else would have to fight the elemental.

Notes: (Written in Mrinair, the predessesor to Ancient Chandralan; translation of book available in Karatikan.) This enormous tome deals about equally with the legends and lore of Dion and her followers, and with Drurdar's searchs for rare waters. The water elementalist explored some of the rarest waters on Gaeleth: underground lakes, perfumed oases, bubbling springs, and even some healing waters. Some of his sketches and notes detail the rumors and facts about the magical items related to Dion. The maps scattered throughout the book detail the locations of various water sources, as well as hidden magical items. Additionally, Drurdar was a powerful elementalist of all aspects of water, including steam and ice, and his notes detail unusual sources of both.

Spells: Read magic, detect magic, cantrips, metamorphose liquids, insatiable thirst, Alamir's fundamental breakdown, wall of water, water breathing/air breathing, watery double, conjure elemental-kin, ice storm, vitriolic sphere, wall of ice, airy water, cone of cold, conjure elemental, rusting grasp, transmute rock to mud/transmute mud to rock, vile venom, lower water, otiluke's freezing sphere, part water, transmute water to dust/improved create water, acid storm, Abi-Dalzim's horrid wilting, elemental aura, identify, wizard mark, protection from contraips, wizard lock, dispel magic, remove curse/bestow curse, enchant an item, teleport without error, permanency, knock/lock..

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