Storm War Prophecies

As the Storm Wars erupted, the gnomes became nervous over the amount of raw power both sides were bringing to bear on one another. Though withdrawn into their mountains fortresses, the gnomes were by no means ignorant of the Nathelian invasion of the Karatikan nations. For several months, the gnomes asked their Bishops and Disciples for advice from Agincoth. One night, their questions were answered, as all the Disciples spoke at once, in the same voice. Some woke from sleep, others paused in mid-speech, but all gave cry to Prophecy. Scribes and writers scrambled to record their words, and what they heard frightened them as nothing else before had.
The Disciples' Prophecy
And lo, the God Slayer shall strike as the Shadow Star draws near. The Dark God's minions shall find a Dark Race, and they shall destroy the foundations of the Goddess of Knowledge. One fallen of Justice shall wield the Slider, and where the blood of dragons lives, send to the heavens the descendants of Umanark. Until the second sundering of the worlds, they shall walk not upon the world.

And then shall the dead stalk the world, and the Dark God be raised. From the Dead Lord's loins shall spring the Betrayer of Worlds, the one who will lead the second sundering. The Light Wielder shall return the Slider to the descendants of Umanark when the Father speaks of the unburning flame. Then shall the eldest daughter of the Dark Race aid the blaze of trees to find again the God Slayer, in the land of the stone trees. The Slider and its wielder shall determine the first battle of the new wars, and therein lead the world from darkness. Else, the world will be split in half.

The most prophetic of all the gods was the Dark God, Nathel. In the centuries before the Storm Wars, Nathel's minions slowly prepared for their secret invasion of the northern lands. During those centuries, three key figures gave the prophecies of the Dark God -- the antipaladin Vyestey (423-442 Avard with the Voice), the monk Roshkiyom (610-670 Avard), and then the antidruid Myovyurey (701-703 Avard). At various times in their careers, they were seized by the Voice of Nathel, and would give forth volumous oratorical texts.

Antipaladin Vyestey's Prophecy
When the blood of thy enemies flows in rivers along the grounds, shall one who bears the Twins seek ye out. Give unto him the One, and he shall lead thee and thine -- for a time. Never again to take up the Twins, he shall be taken up by the sun, to serve against the One when the Dark God's minions walk again upon the world.
Monk Roshkiyom's Prophecy
An absense of Evil shall make Good strong, and overconfident. Each seeks to erase the other from existance, for each sees the other as its enemy. Why? Good seeks to make things stagnant. To keep things as they have always been. To improve things in the name of Ease and Sloth. Evil seeks to make things dynamic. To change things, and change them again. To improve things in the name of Hard and Work. A useless sense of peace lies behind Good's needs. A useful sense of fear lies behind Evil's needs.

As always, there are those that would seek to maintain the balance of Good and Evil for their own purposes. Should Good become too strong, they shall rise against it. Should Evil become too strong, they shall rise against it. These do maintain a balance, for Good is a match for Evil, as Evil is a match for Good. One against the other is a long battle -- perhaps lasting until the end of time. Two against the one is a short battle, measured in eons. The balance maintained between Good and Evil may as well be Good; for the balance is as stagnant and never-changing as Good itself. Useless.

Beware, then, for your enemies are both Good, and those that would proclaim to maintain the balance. Both, then, must be eliminated. The time to strike will be when one cannot tell the other from itself. Evil shall quit -- or appear to quit -- the world of Gaeleth. Without Evil, what balance is there to maintain? Those that would seek to maintain it, will find themselves Good. When the balancers and the forces of Good become inseparably combined, shall there be one enemy, not two.

Antidruid Myovyurey's Prophecy
(gibberish) ...and then shall the God Slayer be taken up by the Chosen of One who was Two, and strike down the nightmares of the Magic Goddess once more... (gibberish) ...a child of dwarves that is human shall create fist of heat, and yet be immune to heat... (gibberish) ...the surge of magic untrained touch off a chain that shall end in a battle between giants and ants... (gibberish) ...storms crash upon the bones of our fathers, and the spirit of the Dark God shall stir from slumber...