The Order of Devon

The Order of Devon consists of nearly two-hundred monks living in seclusion from the outside world. Their monastery lies near the summits of the Mule Mountains, and guards the entrance to the valley of the Ruins of Hidanakor. The monastery itself is a compound of four buildings lying around a large pool of glacial meltwater, with each building representing one of the four cardinal directions, and linked by a high wall arranged in a perfect circle.

The monks of the Order of Devon concern themselves with searching for the Princess Sword, an artifact lost nearly three centuries before. The return of the Princess Sword would herald the uniting of the Empire of Vridaran and the Toomaran Peoples against a powerful evil. The monks are also responsible for keeping the curious and the foolish out of the nearby ruins of the ancient city of Hidanakor.

The order is led by Tavir'stas Winter (Mnk11), a Toomaran man of some sixty years with a fearsome gaze and a hawk-like contenance. Tavir'stas guides the monks and other followers of the Order of Devon in their quest to discover the Princess Sword. It is the sincere hope of the order to find the sword, and maintain it against the day when it is needed.

Tavir'stas is aided by Father Sikorski (Clr8), a priest and abbot of Brigain -- Brigain being the patron deity of the valley of the Order of Devon, and the Ruins of Hidanakor. Father Sikorski is an elderly man of nearly seventy years, but with surprising vigor beneath his large girth and massive beard. The head priest of the Order of Devon is a quiet man who prefers to listen, to talking.

The Order of Devon Monastery The northern building of the monastery is a library, devoted to handling the thousands of scrolls and books and maps invested in the search for the Princess Sword. The southern building is devoted to the worship of Brigain, and is where the monks practice their devotions. The eastern building is a combination eating hall, storage facility, and inn that houses the occasional caravans or visitors. The western building is the sleeping and meditating quarters for the members of the order.

Each building is made of irregularly cut stone and blocks of granite, taken sides of the mountains themselves. The only smooth granite is on the floors of each building, with the temple on the southern point being the largest of the four buildings. The roofs are made of a heavy, dark wood that the monks have to reseal and restain each spring. The furniture and internal decorations are also of the same heavy, dark wood -- grown on the lower slopes of the Mule Mountains.

The lands outside the compound are tended to by Eldam Navakovitch (Rng4), who also patrols the lands around the monastery and the Ruins of Hidanakor. Eldam is a bit eccentric, dressing in native clothes and furs that hide him and break up his outline. He sometimes tails visitors to the region for days before revealing himself.