Gideon Enterprises

GE is a merchant marine fleet based out of Teras, Rakore. Gideon Enterprises also handles ship-building and repairs, with a record of putting together a fully functional carrack in one week, from the laying of the keel to the final blessing to Olorin. GE boasts dozens of carracks, sloops, galleons, clippers, and an additional assortment of other craft, from yachts to cogs. GE's ship-building facilities have been used to build up its fleet, as well as build up the Rakoran Navy.

The main offices and facilities are located five miles west of Teras, at a large basalt outcropping known as Thayer's Rock. There are also offices and facilities in Tulish, on the other side of the Gulf of Teras from Thayer's Rock, as well as some facilities on Maddog Island, on the other side of Rakore from Thayer's Rock. All three locations are ideally located to repair and refit vessels on the longer journeys around the western end of the continent of Halganath. The three facilities also have large warehouses, and deal quite a bit with traffic from all over the world.

The success of Gideon Enterprises is due partly to the vast forest resources of Rakore. Its financial success is also attributed to Rial Mhenace, who furnished the workers in Teras with plans and designs for the more advanced carracks, galleons, and clippers. As a long-time sailor, he also supplied GE with the secrets to navigating and sailing on the often trecherous waters of Gaeleth. The former spy is also a master of information, using Gideon Enterprises to keep him up to date on happenings all over the world.

GE is owned jointly by Rottgutt Stoneballs, Malkir Vinaalaalus Rakore, and the clergy of Galgiran in Rakore, under the directorship of Bishop and Baron Nodrom "Dwarfendale" Fistforger. The three most often leave things in the hands of GE's manager, Rial, using the Enterprises to take them around the world, or siphoning off their profit to further aid their own designs (divided at 1:2:2 among the three, respectively named). Gideon Enterprises was named for Dwarfendale's guard dog, Gideon, who was given to the King of Rakore as a breeder gift.

The successful employment of humans, dwarves, elves, and tomanths, working better together than apart, helped lead to Rakore's general acceptance of all races. GE employs representatives from all races, all genders, and all parts of the world, though they must nominally be sworn to Rakore. The other managers of GE are as diverse as its people: Golt Banner, a retired ship-right from Forel, Galth Wirebeard, a one-handed, retired dwarven fighter, Tankth Stoneknee and Horath Orcbane, dwarven smiths, and Kirik Priktathi, a tomanth ranger.

Pay for GE employees is enough to attract applicable sailors and workers: 6sp/wk is the lowest pay grade, followed by 12sp/wk for normal grade pay, 18sp/wk for mid-managers, and 24sp/wk for the managers at each of the three facilities, plus percentage options and commissions.

GE also has a special forces unit, dispatched to handle problems both for Rakore, and for the merchant marine fleet's interest. This special forces unit, known by the code name Firestorm is often called upon to investigate and ferret out future bases of operation, problems in ports of call, and situations that no other group would be qualified to deal with. The exact nature and configuration of Firestorm changes from mission to mission, but the name is both widely feared and highly respected. Members of Firestorm are recognizeable by a large signet ring that spans an entire finger bone, made of burnished blue-tint steel with an ultra-black, hand-carved, ebonite insignia.

All of the carracks under control of Gideon Enterprises are named for gemstones. All galleons are named for snakes and serpents. All clippers are named for people, and all sloops are named for the different types of trees. Captured and purchased vessels are named for animals.

Gideon Enterprises Ships
Cogs Carracks Galleons Clippers Sloops & Pinances
Warthog Ruby Viper Ulrich's Pride Cypress
'Gator Diamond Cobra Rial's Reach Oak
Swamprat Topaz Raggath Heiro's Fist Fir
Catfish Garnet Mamba Rottgutt's Ale Pine
Bobcat Onyx Rattler Malkir's Bite Black Holly