A small nation on the western end of Halganath -- a nation known as Rakore -- serves as the focal point for much of Gaeleth. Other nations have become embroiled in Rakore's troubles, taken sides, or sought to stamp it out: The Empire of Vridara, the Ogre Nations, and Kur Maeth, all neighbors on the continent of Halganath.

The Continent of Halganath The Continent of Grucheth Continent of Northern Galanath Continent of Baroneth Continent of Southern Galanath Continent of Chilleth Continent of Hobrimeth Continent of Shadareth Continent of Nabroleth Arctic Regions
Land Map of Gaeleth
Details Include: All Continental Land Masses
Original Maps of Gaeleth

Below are satellite-equivalent maps of Gaeleth with Mercator rendering, cloud-cover reduced. The maps should help with shoal and water-based campaigns. Grid alignments use 0 degrees lattitude based off 90-normalized from Rakore, primary map-maker. (Currently non-interactive.)

The globes below were built with GIMP 2.2. It doesn't come with help files. Oh, but my head hurts after making these. "If my calculations are correct," then the earth globe shown is to scale with the Gaeleth globes pictured above. At 0 degrees longitude on Gaeleth, each 45 degrees is about 4,100 miles.

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