While the "common traders' tongue" is argueably the most common language spoken on Gaeleth, the world hosts a plethora of other languages, from the strange dialects of the Choranil kobolds to a devolved form of Celestial that is used in the theocracy of Nabrol. The languages are optimized for ease-of-use, but sometimes are used multiple times. This list is by no means all-inclusive, and is continually updated as new peoples and races are (re)discovered. Dialects of major language groups are listed in parentheses, with all members of the dialects able to understand the major language group, provided the speaker and the listener are paying attention.

Racial Languages:
Elves - Elven (Cidalian, High, Gordanic, Drow)
Dwarves - Dwarven (Core, Foundry, Battle)
Dragons - Draconic
Orcs - Oricsh (O'Olphariz1, Zharizt1, Lurvase1, Voord, Tamal, Rocky, Frostian)
Kobolds - Kobold (three dozen dialects known)
Ogres - Ogran (Mazizhe, Komflor, Taebroold, Ogremaien)
Mold Men - Obliviax
Giants - hillGiant
Halflings - Halfling (Vorren, Guidar, Shoor)
Treants - Sylvan

1Sand orcs only.

National Languages: by continent
Baroneth - Sholin (Thool), Al Fahiman.
Chilleth - Tanki'or, Ralanki, Wiku, Chamdoi (Ir, Sho, Nal, Kol), Chinam (I'siel I'tsa, U'rie Mohol, N'gal J'gere), Fichuna, Fugo'ir, Nikoiya, Broinam (Broinamikull, Broinamshir), Ichoitu, Salhanese, Chordo, Sholin (Shalamaharakal, Kiandim).
Galanath - Daneslaw, Elven (Cidalian), Elven (Gordanic), Chasdolan, Halinar, Franarish, Chanic, Tesan, Laekbonish, Rakinasavish, FiChanic (High FiChanic, Low FiChanic), Vidasodalish, Loraxish, Boranic, Shistaronish, Karatikan, Buldornish, Kirikorik, Lesbonamish, Tolbricaran (Noble, Peasant), Soranorish, Lanin, Bridelan, Karanalese (Highborn, Lowborn, Bardic), Shisasonic, Tamif, Kinshasan, Labondish, Gayunish, Dantelish, Norish, Orcish (Voord), Sandarish, Kallan, Aslin, Tiran.
Grucheth - Nutedaemon, Vikerman, Morthian.
Halganath - Vridaran, Toomaran (Spring Buds, Blooded Steel, Autumn Earth, Pale Snow, Summer Sky, Night Sky), Mazizhe/Ogran.
Hobrimeth - Chandralish.
Nabroleth - Celestial (Nabrolian).
Shadareth - Abyssal, Fungal.
The High Seas - Sholin (Kapura, Dieste, Shalamaharakal, Thool, Merfolsh, Kiandim).

Ancient Languages:
Karatikan - once used by the Karatikan Alliance of druids; derivative of Sylvan.
Nathelian - once used by the Nathelian theocracy; supplanted with Nabrolian, a distant relative; both are derivatives of Celestial
Dharveil - an elven race that ruled harshly and died out six millennia ago.

Interface Languages:
Elemental - Terran (earth), Ignan (fire), Aquan (water), Auran (air).
Outsiders - Infernal (Devils), Abyssal (Demons), Fiendish, Celestial.
Magic - Arcane.

Secret Languages:
Druids - Druidic tongue.
Drow - Hand language.
Thieves - Thieves' Cant.

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