The Towers

Long ago in Gaeleth's past, it's mages were powerful and primitive.  Raw energies were tamed and unleashed on a regular basis, and energy storms occasionally escaped containment, ravaging the lands.  The Council of Mages that gathered together once a year agreed to an additional expenditure -- construction of great towers to regulate the energies of magic, and channel the power of Maroth into the Gates.  (For more information, see the Master Plan.)

Over ten millennia later, the Towers still exist, largely forgotten across much of Gaeleth.  The War of the Undead awoke the world to their potential, and one nation in particular has moved to safeguard the knowledge of how to work the Towers.  While not difficult to work, the working is a closely guarded secret.

Each Tower is three stories tall with a conical top and four slit windows, each facing one of the cardinal directions.  There is no discernable door, and the entire Tower appears to be made of a single piece of some indestructible gray stone (Hardness 45, 80 hit points).  There is a secret door that randomly faces one of the cardinal directions (Search DC 25), and requires the use of mage hand and a Spellcraft check (DC 18) to open.  Inside, a set of stairs leads all the way to the top, and also down into the basement.  The stairs follow the inside of the Tower, allowing for a hollow core with a ten foot wide gap down the middle of the Tower, separated only by the floor level and the top Tower level.

At the top of the Tower, the single room is empty, seamless, and devoid of almost any markings.  In the exact center of the room is a small indentation, with the start of a geometric pattern, and several arcane markings around it.  A successful Spellcraft check (DC 20) reveals the arcane markings to be absolute coordinates for the indentation, relative to some zero point near the center of Gaeleth.

Any properly trained mage can operate the Tower with a successful Spellcraft check (DC 18).  Training currently requires time and study at Lok Magius in Rakore, but the secret can also be found in ancient tomes or other sources of information.  Without training, and the secret of the Towers, operating the Tower would take a horrendously difficult Spellcraft check (DC 45), and access to at least two Towers to compare relative coordinates.  Using the Tower requires drawing on the top floor, completing the special geometric pattern, and adding in coordinates and mass as needed.  The Tower is capable of teleporting up to 250,000 tons of material, anywhere; exact mass is not required, but exact coordinates are.  The Tower could, for example, teleport a fleet of ships at anchor in some distant port, to the middle of a desert -- in one use.  Another use could teleport the occupants of the top floor to the nearest Tower, or even to another plane of existence.

The basement of the Tower contains a small well that holds 90 gallons of a weak sulfuric acid.  Each activation of the Tower's abilities utilizes approximately 30 gallons of sulfuric acid as a material component.  Without any sulfuric acid in the well, the Tower will not function.

There is a special-use function of the Tower.  Divine keys, such as the Karasenth Bracers (see 2nd Edition info), allowed for instant activation of the Tower's teleport abilities, teleporting anyone on the top floor of the Tower to the top floor of another Tower in a set sequence that jumps all around the world.

Most of the Towers are simply objects of curiosity, as they do not radiate any sort of magic, and are impenetrable to spells such as true sight and miracle.  Without proper training, the Tower does nothing, and most are surrounded by inhospitable terrain.  Many have been booby-trapped by Rakoran operatives, with invisible patterns arcanely written in the floor to destroy anyone attempting to utilize the Towers against Rakore.  As well, there are no hints or indications that sulfuric acid should be used as the spell component, and as such, few people can use them.

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