Amaran Hornet Daggers

The Amaran Savannah is a raw land with few mineral resources, and little metal worth trading. Because of this, the native Amaran Tribes have taken to using the roots of the tough bocao tree in new and innovative ways. Forming blades for their axes, swords, and other weapons from the bocao roots is a difficult, pain-staking process. Only experienced carpenters have either the patience or the skill to work the tough wood, and then treat it properly. After being boiled in salt water overnight, the carved wood can then be affixed to a weapon's handle. Along the rim of the wooden blade, a thin strip of metal is added, and sharpened to give the weapon a true edge.

The Amaran wooden weapons are tough and durable, though the metal strip can sometimes be ripped off by chance or expert swordsmen. Because of the toughness of the wooden blades, they heft and fight just like their purely metal equivalents. The fact that the wood can be carved into intricate shapes makes many Amaran weapons fantastical in appearance. Carefully painted carvings can make the blades seem more like art objects than deadly weapons.

The 'hornet daggers' are special wooden weapons, reserved for use and creation by the tribal druids. The daggers are carved from a single piece of bocao root, and treated in the traditional fashion -- however, the blade is usually left as a blank fresco. Once boiled in salt water, the blade is edged in traditional, sharpened metal. After edging, the daggers are infused with both life and death energy, requiring the sacrifice of a small creature. Once infused with energy, the surface of the dagger is encarved with dozens of hornets in a process that takes mere moments for the druidic creator. After the hornets are encarved, they quickly fade, as though the blade were still raw and whole, and unadorned.

When thrown, however, the hornets return, adding a buzzing noise to the spin of the blade, guiding its accuracy, and increasing its distance. The hornet daggers are highly prized as gifts among the Amaran Tribes because of their special abilities -- particularly because the hornets of the blade return the dagger to the thrower. The Amaran hornet daggers act as throwing daggers of distance and returning +2, though using them gives a +5 circumstance bonus to all Listen checks in the vicinity because of the droning of the hornets in the blade.

Caster Level: 6th. Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, guidance, greater magic fang, wood shape, summon nature's ally II, creator must be a druid. Market Price: 32,000gp.

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