Rakanus Plate

The War of the Undead began as a small series of battles, in the lands of what is now Rakore. The Rakanus Clan of dwarves had originally been known as the Light Forgers sect of the Granite Clan of Galgiran, and maintained a strong affiliation with their deity. As the War of the Undead began to heat up, and the modern nation of Rakore was founded, the Rakanus Clan gained access to a number of holy and magical items confiscated from the Vaults of the Inquisition.

Faced with perilous battles against death knights and vampires, wraiths and even liches, the newborn nation had a difficult time warding off the undead, as well as the occasional ogran armies. After confiscating the hammer known as V'jocktae from the Vault of Mikindim, ArchBishop Bryan Stonegrudge, leader of the Rakanus Clan, tasked his best smiths and best armorers with constructing new armor for the more elite of the Rakoran dwarves. Close to two hundred sets of Rakoran Plate were made, before V'jocktae finally shattered under the enormous demands placed upon it. Most of the sets of armor went to the Warkore Clan or Rakore, and their nobility, to aid them against the undead. Several dozen sets were retained by the Rakanus Clan, for the elite Light Forgers. Perhaps a dozen of these special sets of full plate were retained as gifts for various servants of Rakore, either from Father Bryan (Stonegrudge), or King Graniteshoulders.

Rakoran Plate is a special ceramic-hardened steel, ribbed with mithrel inlay. The slow-cooking process of the holy forges of Galgiran are coupled with a slow-tempering process that makes use of air so cold that it turns into a blue liquid. Tamping and hammering upon the holy anvils and within the forges of Galgiran, aids in the bestowing of power prayers upon the armor. The three-month long process leaves the armor with a silvery, reflective appearance, ribbed with something duller and grayer; the overall appearance is full plate of silver and platinum. Rakoran Plate is heavily fortified, holy full plate +4, with special considerations. Being heavily fortified, the plate completely negates all sneak attack damage and critical damage. The plate has a holy aura about it that grants the wearer Spell Resistance 25 against undead special attacks, such as a death knight's fireball.

The plate has an arcane spell failure chance of 30%, a maximum Dexterity bonus of +2, and an armor check penalty of -5. It is considered heavy armor, and weighs 40 pounds. It grants an overall armor bonus of +13 points, in addition to being impervious to sneak attacks and critical hits. The plate also grants a +4 resistance bonus to Will saves, and totally blocks possession and mental influences from the undead, such as a vampire's hypnotizing stare.

Caster Level: 18th. Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, holy aura, miracle, creator must be a priest of Galgiran, both hammer and anvil must be magical. Market Price: 125,000gp.

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