Gaeleth is a world where mages fear to tread, and priests rule supreme. Five centuries of the Inquisition has made the world a dangerous place for practicioners of the arcane arts, an Inquisition spear-headed by the good and lawful God of Justice, Law, and Honor. Wizards live in fear, sorcerors live in hiding, and bards are quick to profess their faith as servants of the Goddess of Music, Love, and Luck.

Centuries of pogroms, crusades, and culling by the various churches of the Inquisition has left the common man fearful of magic. The power of the priests is unquestioned, and their influence is felt in every political house. The dragons have been wiped out. The gnomes are virtually extinct. The elves are barely tolerated. Magical items are rare -- and anyone caught with a magical item is brought before the Inquisition.

Though the churches claim great power within their spheres of influence, the outskirts of civilization are harsh and untamed. Nature is viscious, striking out at the unwary and the unwarned. The weather is chaotic and unpredictable, with blazing heat one day, and blinding snow the next. The waters of Gaeleth are treacherous, and only homage to the Goddess of the Seas, Winds, and Currents affords sailors safe passage.

It has been half a millennium since the Storm Wars. An evil god invaded the peaceful, druidic regions of the northern lands, and very nearly conquered all the world. Mages and priests battled one another so hard that the land shook, and the seas quavered. The evil god was slain by treachery, and his successor was even worse than he. The God of Blood, Violence, and Evil is insane, and still plots to destroy the world.

It has been seven years since the War of the Undead. A necromancer raised an army of undead that could, in turn, raise more undead. Four years of bloody conflict, coupled with earthquakes, volcanoes, and plague, have left their marks on the populace. The warriors are thinned out. The cemetaries are full of bodies, once again, and the priests are frightened -- the Inquisition failed.

Campaign Year: 1331 Avard

The Master Plan
(-9227)-1357 Avard

The Karatikan Alliance
(-20)-780 Avard

The Storm Wars
762-772 Avard

The Inquisition
867-? Avard

The War of the Undead
1316-1320 Avard

The War of the Four Winds
1329-1330 Avard


Pass Year Avard Year Event
-15 -9227 Sister Worlds War begins.
0 -9212 Shadow Star's first pass.
Old gods leave -- save one, Galgiran.
New gods awaken: Elinthar, Galanus, Xoriah, Hyark, Barith.
Shield goes up.
Prism Wars begin.
86 -9126 Prism Wars end.
Age of Survival begins.
314 -8898 The goddess Rahne rises.
2122 -7090 The god Curiss emerges.
4712 -4500 The goddess Samis emerges.
The god Argunas is summoned.
5000 -4212 Shadow Star's second pass.
Shaping Wars begin.
New gods emerge: Whalin, Olorin, K'Tath.
5052 -4160 Shaping Wars end.
Age of Peace begins.
5792 -3420 The goddess Habrem rises.
6010 -3194 The god Argunas (presumably) fades away.
6413 -2791 The god Mikindim emerges.
9238 0 ArchiDruid Avard Karatikan comes to power.
9282 44 Karatikan calendar adopted.
9798 202 The god Infierne rises.
9910 672 Nathel elevates Dakis from antipaladin to god.
10000 762 "The Year of Blood."
Shadow Star's third pass.
Nathelian forces invade the north.
Storm Wars begin.
The god Yatindar rises.
Galanus passes portfolio to Curiss.
10001 763 The goddess Xoriah (supposedly) dies.
Giran Howel found; slays the gods Hyark and Infierne.
10003 765 Giran Howel slays the god Nathel.
The archon Nabrol takes Nathel's place as a god.
The god Lul arises from mortality.
10004 766 The god Arpelos slips through the Shield.
Arpelos disappears.
10006 772 Storm Wars end.
Archimage Vyrboth Liss slain by his son.
Age of Regret begins.
10042 804 Shisason acquires Kingdom of the Granite Dwarves.
10100 867 Prophets speak in One Voice.
Inquisition begins.
First crusade.
Last dragon officially slain.
Cashes created.
10227 989 Second crusade.
Last dragon officially slain.
10439 1201 Third crusade.
Ogre nation of Timaus razed by Crusaders.
10503 1265 Tyven razed by Lord Elistan and his undead hordes.
10549 1311 The god Galanus' Book of the Dead stolen.
10554 1316 Rakore founded.
Fourth crusades organize.
Kur Maeth invaded by Nabrol.
Cashe hunts begin.
War of the Undead begins.
10556 1318 Half of the continent of Nabrol destroyed.
Crusaders invade Kur Maeth.
10557 1319 Lake Kiriath becomes Sea of Kiriath
10558 1320 Arpelos returns.
War of the Undead ends.
Giran Howel slays Nathel (again).
Book of the Dead returns to Galanus.
Shield drops; Maroth returns to the sky.
Srik/Ogran war begins.
10559 1321 Lok Magius founded in Rakore.
10560 1322 Nabrolian expedition to Rakore;
fleet sunk by tomanths.
10565 1327 Spider Works founded in Rakore.
Talon of Lul found in Vridara.
The Iron Lord assaults the Faeleran.
First encounter with Doom Rex in Rakore.
10566 1328 Search for Al Mudim begins.
Castle Rezjommon rises.
Dragon Nation founded.
Tulish destroyed by rogue Quitzara of Lul.
False princess sword rises.
Vridara and Toomaran Tribes unite; invade.
New god Xynosalionisis arises.
Dharveil released in the Choranil Desert.
10567 1329 Night of Assassins in Kashin, Rakore.
War of the Four Winds in Rakore.
Maotosh Sholin join Rakore.
10568 1330 Ogre Nations retreats, Rakore victorious.
Dark Elven city of Thanerost 'found'.
8 nations savaged by rogue Tower.


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