Son of a Witch

On Gaeleth -- a world where mages have been outlawed, and the penalty is death -- it is a grave insult to call someone a 'son of a witch' in the common traders' tongue.  Instead of being the son of a witch, Aegan is a mage whose power is so great that Prophecy has chosen him to be the salvation of a nation at war.  The fate of the world rests on a 'son of a witch' who was raised to hate what he is, and what he must become.

The Nightmare Begins 17kb 09JAN2005
Winter Begins 29kb 09JAN2005
Bitter Prophecies 43kb 09JAN2005
Translating Metal 22kb 09JAN2005
Defining Magic 23kb 09JAN2005
The Insanity of Reason 23kb 09JAN2005
Fear the Dwarves 16kb 09JAN2005
Cold Welcome 13kb 09JAN2005
Enslavement of a Merc 20kb 09JAN2005
Blessings of the Priest-Lord 21kb 09JAN2005
Beware the Gifts of a Dwarf 23kb 09JAN2005
Rilan 17kb 09JAN2005
Accepting the Mage Within 25kb 09JAN2005
The Stolen Thief 8k 30MAR2005

There are no internal hyperlinks with in the tale; however, a great deal of the information presented in the story is referenced from other places within the SisterWorlds' site. Hopefully, the story stands on its own without the need for cross-referencing information. But if the world you read about intrigues you, then the rest of it is here.

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