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One of the world's most dreaded pirates, Anthilles, has finally done so much harm that a special naval force has been put together to bring him down. Four Rakoran naval ships have been tasked to hunt down and kill the dread pirate. The task force has been placed under the command of Anthilles' twin brother, and the two are as different from one another as Night and Day.

Davor the 3rd, 1331 Avard
| The End of Brotherhood 97kb |
by Harry McKenzie

A 'dread knight' is an undead being of considerable power, predating the War of the Undead, and still existing through the whims of the gods. One dread knight, Xemitar, serves the God of Destinies -- and has a new task for recalcitrant black skelton in Rakore, after the War of the Four Winds.

Spring, 1331 Avard
| Dreaded Nights 39kb |

Mighty heroes fell during the War of the Four Winds -- among them, the undisputed leaders of the Stonehelm Clan of Warkore dwarves. With their chieftain fallen, the eldest son stands to inherit the title 'chieftain', but the eldest son is an adopted elf. This does not sit well with some of the Stonehelms, and things threaten to get ugly.

Dalan the 18th, 1330 Avard
| Rites of Succession 27kb |
by Harry McKenzie

Duke Henryk 'Prat' Kamus changed the course of the War of the Four Winds, changing the course of history. By sacrificing himself, he allowed the leaders of his beloved nation to use terrible weapons that evened the odds, and allowed Rakore to emerge from a war that should have crushed it -- stronger than it ever was before. One man *can* make a difference.

End of Cal, 1329 Avard
| Sacrificial Bears 8kb |

The dreaded pirate Anthilles has aspirations of being the first Pirate King in ages. Beneath his nose, though, events have been set in motion to change his destiny -- and change his history.

Cal the 16th, 1329 Avard
| Bodies in Motion 8kb |
by Harry McKenzie

Captain Seamus of Rakore is a naval commander with great promise and skill, and is given an opportunity to prove his abilities with a gnome-inspired submersible ship -- and then a weapon of such great destruction that just carrying it is cause for a fire down below.

Cal the 15th, 1329 Avard
| Fire Down Below 34kb |
by Harry McKenzie

The war with the ograns is primarily a land campaign, but there is a rarely-recognized naval component. The odds, there, are great, and one of Rakore's greatest naval captains feels he is reduced to nipping at the enemies heels. He may have more bite than he thought, as he takes on his foes.

Trivor the 20th, 1329 Avard
| Nipping at Their Heels 27kb |
by Harry McKenzie

The crypts of the deep desert have been buried beneath the sands for centuries. War, though, has brought some of them to surface -- and with them, echoes of war from centuries past. A crypt guardian has been awakened, and she must decide between her ancient duties, and the duties of a new day.

Trivor the 19th, 1329 Avard
| Out of the Darkness 61kb |
by Brandy McPherson

Only a madman would sail an ocean-going galleon a hundred miles inland. A madman, or Captain Seamus Yarbus, the elf raised by dwarves. Death Rattles is the story of Captain Seamus' ship, the Rattler, and is almost a continuation of Tor's War, but from a different perspective.

Trivor the 18th, 1329 Avard
| Death Rattles 36kb |
by Harry McKenzie

The city of Kashin, in Rakore, was surrounded by orcs, kobolds, and ogres beyond number during the Ogran War. Here is the tale of the largest defender of Kashin -- a beast as big as the ogres, yet with a heart of gold. Only a minotaur could rival an ogre in size; but only Tor could rival a man for heart.

Trivor the 18th, 1329 Avard
| Tor's War 20kb |
by Harry McKenzie

As Rakore summons its reserves during the War of the Four Winds, a simple man named Frandremos has been called up. Fandremos has lost it all -- friends, family, loved ones, children -- and is once again being asked to give even more for Rakore. Bitterness is all he tastes, until an odd tradition helps him see the cost of freedom.

Trivor the 17th, 1329 Avard
| the Unmanned Table 13kb |

War brings opportunities for evil men -- and it also brings opportunities for those who would bring about the downfall of evil men. The Dread Pirate Anthilles has moved into Inquisition territories in the far west, and begun to prey upon vessels small and great alike. And on one vessel, he finds far more than he could have ever bargained for, yet the reality of it slips through his fingers like seawater.

Mid Trivor, 1330 Avard
| Prophecy Girl 9kb |
by Harry McKenzie

Half orc, and half elf, the woman known only as Chimera has a lot to prove to the world. A dwarven clan with a strange sense of humor took her in as one of their own, and have told her that she has the heart of a dwarf: including their hatred of the orcs. Now separated from most of her clan, Chimera must choose between her blood, and her heart.

Late Davor, 1329 Avard
| Chimera 13kb |
by Brandy McPherson

Captain Seamus hates prophecies in all their forms, for they've taken away his family, his friends, and even his lover. And now, Prophecy has reared its ugly head once again. This time, though, there may be something of a new beginning for Seamus -- thanks, oddly enough, to a new Prophecy. -That is, if he can survive long enough to enjoy this new beginning.

Late Davor, 1329 Avard
| New Beginnings 38kb |
by Harry "Mac" MacKenzie

A 'son of a witch' is an insult in the lands of the Inquisition. What is a man to do, though, when he finds out that he is that which he hates: a sorcerer unlike any other before him, and possessed of a power that frightens the very gods themselves..? Written in pieces, and spread out over a year's worth of writing, this tale addresses some of the core issues of Gaeleth: Prophecy, magic, life in Rakore, and the Inquisition itself.

Late Davor, 1329 Avard
| Son of a Witch |

A city is trapped in the Time Stream, held there in stasis until called. A future that Cannot be is coming. An invasion has begun that will destroy the last of the mages. One man holds the key to bringing the past to the present, and preventing the future from happening as he saw it, first-hand. And if he survives that, he must also, somehow, convince a woman who does not yet love him, that she did indeed marry him.

Mid Davor, 1329 Avard
| The Lost City of Xoriah 29kb |
by Tom Jahr

Prat, otherwise known as Duke Henrik Kamus, is about to become involved in the darkest days of his nation's short history.  Rakore has been a bastion of magic in an age of the dark Inquisition, and has ever been prepared for an invasion by the Inquisition.  Unexpectedly, Rakore faces invasion from the Ogre Nations -- and thousands upon thousands of orcs.  Prat is but one man, against an army.  Perhaps, though, he can make a difference.

Davor the 17th, 1329 Avard
| Prat's War 75kb |

Apple Demon is a large shire horse -- at eighteen hands, and over a ton in weight. His history is a unique one, for Apple Demon is a unique horse -- the bonded mount of a paladin of Yatindar. How he found his partner was a long story, never-before-told, but one the paladin can feel. Apple Demon is anything but a demon, and perhaps so much more that his paladin could imagine.

Davor the 15th, 1329 Avard
| Apple Demon 9kb |

Some few pirates earn a name for themselves, but only a handful in a lifetime ever become dangerous enough or devious enough to earn the title of 'dread pirate'. The Dread Pirate Anthilles of the Serpent's Kiss has become more dangerous and more devious than any could have foreseen, thanks to a secret weapon.

Cal the 3rd, 1328 Avard
| Mirror, Mirror 13kb |
by Harry McKenzie

Sir Bridaraarayus is a desert elf whose tribe was wiped out by the orcs. He is a veteran of the War of the Undead, and has served as Chief of the Guard to Baron Complan of Rilan, and Shire Reeve to the Baron and the Bishop Dwarfendale. As Campaign V continues, Sir Bridaraarayus finds himself involved in far more than he bargained for, investigating an abandoned river barge covered in blood.

Sad the 22nd, 1327 Avard
| Campaign V Chronicles 36kb |

"I have been inspired by my master's library, and my master's spellbooks to record one of my own. 'My own'. It has a good taste to it. I have never owned anything of my own, before." So begins the diary of Sidridel, apprentice to the first wild mage to rise from the ashes of the Inquisition. Sidridel's diary records both his own efforts, and those of his master, Jandor Firelight. NPC Journal.

Trivor the 18th to Cal the 20th, 1327 Avard
| Sidridel's Diary 50kb |

An unstoppable juggernaut has begun to destroy churches and temples with the ease of a god, and one small woman stands in his path. She is Damia, an Inquisitor for the Church of Yatindar, and a paladin. But before she can stand against the intimidating Iron Lord, she will have to have help from the mother church. But the church is hiding something from her, and it could very well spell the end of her entire order -- and perhaps even for the church itself.

Early Cal, 1327 Avard
| Damia, Inquisitor 64kb |

The seas of Gaeleth are difficult to sail, at best. Tortuous tides of hundreds of yards, because of the gas giant Maroth, are coupled with storms thousands of miles long and waves hundreds of feet high. In all of Rakore, one man has the skill to command a ship through any storm. Destined for greatness, he was born in the fourth mark of the fourth day of the fourth month, and has always been called 'Fourth'. And now, he must take on the strangest and most dangerous cargo he has ever dealt with: a wild mage in an era of Inquisition.

Dacal the 18th, 1326 Avard
| The Fourth Story 17kb |

Winter is a paladin of the Inquisition, whose relentless faith comes from a past as dark as most warlords. Rial Mhenace is a thief, a spy, and a mastermind behind the mages of the nation of Rakore -- in a part of the world where the Inquisition crusades against them. Around the two men swirls the unseen power of two different ways of life, each on a collision course with the other. And around their meeting swirls an unspoken prophecy -- of danger, and promise.

Trilan the 20th, 1325 Avard
| Winter's Tale 49kb |

For love of a woman have kingdoms come down, dragons been slain, and legends of epic proportion made. It's also the reason that propels otherwise sane men to do insane things. Sir Jack Ghestalt, Khavik of Paladia, undertakes a dungeon crawl of lethal proportions in order to retrieve a magical item for his love. His love sends a wizard and a warrior to make sure he returns safe and sound. A half-orc follows with a band of orc mercenaries ready to kill them all. And one spirit wolf guides the good guys in the right direction -- whichever way that is.

Early Trivor, 1322 Avard
| the Lady Shore 76kb |

To the far north lie three kingdoms locked in an eternal war fueled by revenge, prophecy, and culture. The more neutral of the three feeds the other two with weapons and words, and must continually fight a war of diplomacy to keep from being drug into the centuries' long feud. The nation of Morth has a new protector, though -- a man whose deep-seated thirst for knowledge and power may one day bring peace to the three kingdoms. But to gather power in a nation of intrigue, surrounded by hostile armies and suicidal fanatics, the Marquis de Natille will need stealth, wealth, and guile -- and a little help from the Goddess of Magic.

Dasad the 25th, 1322 Avard
| Niro's Tale 25kb |

Creation myths abound about the world itself -- and some creation myths abound about individuals who become larger than life. One such character was the Lady Cleo, the shadowy bodyguard of Commodore Seamus Stonehelm of Rakore. To most of the people of Rakore, the vampire-like Lady Cleo simply came into existance to defend her beloved Seamus. No one knows where she truly came from -- even Seamus

Dalan 3rd, 1320 Avard
| Creation 10kb |
by Harry "Mac" MacKenzie

On the edge of the Bloorineth Mountains lies an enormous fresh-water lake, fed by the icy streams of glaciers and melting snow. Heated from deep within the earth, Lake Antille is forever covered in steam, and has a unique place in the ecology and environment of that part of the world. The lake is home to a great diversity of creatures -- many of which are gargantuan in size. The lake is also half-way between two large city-states, whose caravans rely upon the lake for supplies and water. Eedrick Tomal was chosen by the Church of Elinthar to guard Lake Antille and its lands -- but the man finds that his vague orders can only guide him so far. The land attacks the people, and the people attack the land. The Animal God protects both, and that leaves Eedrick in an uneviable position...

Lan the 10th, 1314 Avard
| Eedrick's Tale 17kb |

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