by Brandy McPherson, 24FEB2004

"Lo! The mages shall be silent for five centuries, lest the Dark God return. And in his return, he shall plunge the world into darkness for all time, bound by his minions and in death."
-The Voice of Prophecy, 867 Avard.

The Inquisition was born of the Voice of Prophecy, spoken to followers of all gods and all faiths.  The churches of Gaeleth agreed that the 'mages shall be silent' -- but many mages chose not to comply with the Avard Accords that was born of the Voice of Prophecy.  Yatindar's representative to the Avard Accords is credited with being the first Seeker, to call upon her god's might and power to strike down those mages that chose not to comply with the Avard Accords, and the Inquisition.  The Seekers are those that have chosen to silence the mages for all time.  Once a Seeker gives up on mage-hunting, she looses her abilities as a Seeker -- and can never regain them.  To become a Seeker, one must be dedicated to the silencing of the mages, and have the ability to remain silent, themselves.

Creating a Seeker
Requirements: A Seeker must have and maintain Hide and Move Silently as class skills, be dedicated to the Inquisition, have a Lawful alignment, and be chosen by the Church to implement the Avard Accords.  Characters capable of casting arcane spells (including bards) are barred from taking the Seeker template.  Rangers taking the Seeker template can select 'sorcerers' and 'wizards' as their chosen enemies.
Hit Dice: Same as the base character.
Speed: Same as the base character.
Spells: Same as the base character.
Spell Resistance: SR 5 +1/total character level.
Special Attacks: Will of Prophecy.
Will of Prophecy (Ex): Seekers can cast touch of idiocy a number of times per day, equal to their total character level, as though they were a sorcerer of their total character level.  Unlike touch of idiocy, Will of Prophecy does not affect a target's Wisdom scores.
Special Qualities: Divine Gifts.
Tool of Prophecy (Ex): Seekers cast spells from any one of the Magic, Travel, Trickery, and War domains as free actions.  Their spell progression and spell-related abilities are as a cleric of their total character level.
Sight of Prophecy (Ex): Seekers can cast detect magic at will, but it only functions to detect arcane magics (bardic magics are determined on a spell-by-spell basis).

Saves: Same as the base character.
Abilities: Same as the base character.
Skills: A Seeker receives a +2 racial bonus to Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks. Otherwise same as the base character.
Feats: Same as the base character.

Climate/Terrain: Same as the base character.
Organization: Same as the base character.
Challenge Rating: Increases by +2.
Alignment: Any Lawful.
Treasure: Same as the base character.
Advancement: Same as the base character.

Historically speaking, all the gods save one ceased granting their powers to the Seekers, after the War of the Undead.  One god, however, refused to believe in the outcome or existence of the War of the Undead -- Nabrol.  Nabrol, and Nabrol alone, grants the Seekers their powers.  None of the Seekers, or the other churches, is aware of this change in the powers of the Seekers, contributing to the chaos surrounding the Inquisition and the Avard Accords.

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