Disciples are considered the Masters of the Faith. When a member of the church achieves great power, either within the organization of the churches as a priest, or as a stalwart defender of the faith in foreign lands, he becomes elligible for Discipleship. Only that member's patron god can award Discipleship, but most churches have formal ceremonies of recognition to announce to all the world that another of their own has achieved something wonderous.

Among the various churches of Gaeleth, Disciples rank above such titles as Bishops or Cardinals, and represent their gods directly. Although granted great power and responsibilities by their patron deities, they rarely receive more guidance than any of the other faithful. As Masters of the Faith, they are free to interpret the events and writings of the faith and the faithful, and determine the direction the church needs to move in. Technically subserviant to the will of the Chosen, most Disciples follow their own agendas, biding their time until they become the next Chosen.

Characters such as clerics, druids, and paladins are most likely to become Disciples, as it can be an important step up in both their faith, and in defeating their enemies. Less often, bards and rangers become Disciples, merely as a means of stepping up through the ranks, or gaining more power. The extra prayers granted to the faithful who do become Disciples only reaffirms their own faith in themselves, and also provides their deity with a stronger means of spreading the faith.

It is important to note that Disciples are dedicated to their paths, and once they leave the path of the Disciple, they can never return to it.

Creating a Disciple
Requirements: A Disciple of a select deity must be a priest of, and the same alignment as, that deity.
Hit Dice: Increase to 1d10.
Speed: Same as the base character.
Spells: Same as the base character.
Spell Resistance: SR 5 +1/level of the base character.
Special Attacks: Favored Wrath.

  • Favored Wrath (Ex): Spells reprsentative of that deity, be they specialty spells or otherwise noted, are automatically maximized, be it Hit Die or other functions. Only one spell per deity is granted Favored Wrath status.
    Special Qualities: Divine Armor.
  • Divine Armor (Ex): Disciples receive a +1 deflection bonus to their Armor Class, cumulative with other deflection bonuses.
    Saves: Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2
    Abilities: Disciples receive a +4 bonus to Wisdom and Constitution, and a +2 bonus to Intelligence and Dexterity.
    Skills: A Disciple receives a +6 racial bonus to Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks. Otherwise same as the base character.
    Feats: One additional metamagic feat.

    Climate/Terrain: Same as the base character.
    Organization: Same as the base character.
    Challenge Rating: Increases by +2.
    Alignment: Same as the base character.
    Treasure: Same as the base character.
    Advancement: Same as the base character.

    Like all prayer-casters on Gaeleth, the Disciples do not have to memorize spells. They cast whatever spells they choose, based off of their available spell slots per day, whenever they choose. Prayer-casting is exhausted every twenty-four hours, and the ability to cast again each day is based off of a time dictated by the Church, be it midnight or dawn or the like. (See the House Rules.)

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