Prestige Classes and Templates

Standard Classes
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Prestige Classes
Anvil of Galgiran The Rakoran dwarves of western Halganath have developed a 1-2 combination that is quite formidable. The second half of this two-dwarf team is the 'Anvil' -- a fighter of considerable defensive capabilities, and a good bit of the power of the rock for offense.
Brilathes of Brigain The God of Destiny is given much respect within the churches of Gaeleth, but he is also a source of great consternation. Knowing the Destinies of the people they surround themselves with, and yet refusing to divulge that information is the hallmark of the Brilathes, the heart of the Church of Brigain.
Cadyran There are those that use the bow, and there are those that grow their own bows, infusing them with natural and arcane magics, and raising them to be powerful items.  These rare individuals are the Cadyrans.
Hammer of Galgiran The Rakoran dwarves of western Halganath have developed a 1-2 combination that is quite formidable. The first half of this two-dwarf team is the 'Hammer' -- a cleric of considerable offensive capabilities, and a good bit of the power of the forge for offense.
Quitzara of Lul The Church of Lul prides itself on information gathering, trade knowledge, and solving mysteries. The best of the priests become Quitzara, whose abilities in these areas are unparalleled. Excellent spies, interrogators, merchants, and scribes, the Quitzara epitomize the abilities of the Merchant dGod.
Rikishi The Rikishi is a special breed of warrior, whose fighting style is geared towards throwing opponents, trampling enemies, and wrestling them into submission.  The Rikishi is geared towards monks who wish to trample hill giants or break an orc's back without breaking a sweat.
Shadow Guardian After the War of the Undead, a secretive holy order arose from the ashes of destruction that remained. Known only as the Shadow Guard, they have become a powerful force of protectors and guardians. The churches have begun to both fear and respect them, marked as they are by the gods themselves. Most frightening of all, there are rumors that the members of the Shadow Guard have returned from the grave to fulfill their services.
Thriblades of Yatindar These are the most elite of the followers of Yatindar, blessed with his powers, and possessing finely honed powers of their own. Just as Yatindar leads the Inquisition among the churches, so do the Thriblades lead the followers of Yatindar.
Torch of Xoriah The Torches of Xoriah once spread the faith of the Flame Goddess across all of Gaeleth, but for over fifty centuries, they have been silent. Now, they have returned, spreading faith in the goodness of fire to all who will listen.
Var Gauf  First trained during the long-ago Shaping Wars, the var gauf are a fearsome form of assassin, thief, spy, and warrior, all in one.  Specially trained monks, with the abilities to cast select spells as a sorcerer, they are the ninja of Gaeleth.
Disciple Disciples are the most powerful priests in each of the churches. Usually assigned a position of considerable importance within the churches, some Disciples choose instead to travel the realms, spreading the faith and power of their gods. Powerful warriors, determined prayer-casters, and elite scholars, the Disciple is a formidable force within his church.
The Chosen Each goddess has her one Chosen -- the one mortal on Gaeleth that is wise enough and strong enough to represent that goddess in the mortal world. Inevitably, the Chosen are the senior ranking leaders of the church, but their presence can change the tides of battle, be it a battle of steel, or a battle of the soul.
The Seeker The Seekers are the Inquisition's answer to mages -- they are, essentially, mage hunters, and mage killers.  The Seekers sometimes lie in wait, dormant for years, and are then activated.  Others actively hunt mages, wherever they can be found.

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