The Chosen

The Chosen are the final authorities on Gaeleth for disputes within the churches. They are considered the direct representative of each patron deity, and so their word is law within the church. To become a Chosen, a member of the church must first be a Disciple of that patron deity. Once a Chosen steps down, he retains all his faith-granted powers, but he can never again return to the position of Chosen within the hierarchy of his church.

Creating a Chosen
Requirements: A Chosen of a select deity must be a priest of, and the same alignment as, that deity. In addition, a Chosen must be a Disciple before being 'chosen'*.
Hit Dice: Increase to 1d12.
Speed: Same as the base character.
Spells: Same as the base character.
Spell Resistance: SR 10 +1/level of the base character.
Special Attacks: Wrathful Penetration.

  • Wrathful Penetration (Ex): A Chosen's spells are automatically maximized, be it Hit Die or other functions. The DC to save versus a Chosen's spells are +4, plus the base character's DC for spell resistance.
    Special Qualities: Divine Armor, Gifted Prayers.
  • Divine Armor (Ex): The Chosen receive a +3 deflection bonus to their Armor Class, cumulative with other deflection bonuses.
  • Gifted Prayers (Ex): All spells are cast as a supernatural ability with no casting time.
    Saves: Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +3
    Abilities: The Chosen receive a +6 bonus to Wisdom and Constitution, and a +4 bonus to Intelligence and Dexterity.
    Skills: A Chosen receives a +8 racial bonus to Listen, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks. Otherwise same as the base character.
    Feats: One additional metamagic feat.

    Climate/Terrain: Same as the base character.
    Organization: Same as the base character.
    Challenge Rating: Increases by +9.
    Alignment: Same as the base character.
    Treasure: Same as the base character.
    Advancement: Same as the base character.

    *When a PC or NPC rises to be the Chosen of a deity, strip all template abilities of the Disciple before appending the Chosen template abilities. The SR's, Ability bonuses, Saves and the like to not stack with being a Chosen.

    Like all prayer-casters on Gaeleth, the Chosen do not have to memorize spells. They cast whatever spells they choose, based off of their available spell slots per day, whenever they choose. Prayer-casting is exhausted every twenty-four hours, and the ability to cast again each day is based off of a time dictated by the Church, be it midnight or dawn or the like. (See the House Rules.)

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