Each campaign is listed in reverse chronological order, with Campaign I, "The War of the Undead" listed last. I've had the time to reconstruct the first campaign from some old notes I found, but I've yet to find the notes on the third campaign. When I get the time, I'll rebuild the missions from the others, for a unified history. The campaign timeline details the dates of events, and links as needed. A complete list of PCs listed in campaign order is available, as well.

Campaign VIII, "Freedom"
1329-? Avard
Rakore is gone, crushed beneath the weight of the ogran hordes. Although the nation is gone, scattered bastions survive, and they provide the surviving populace with that most necessary of lights in a growing darkness: hope. Campaign VIII is the battle towards hope, and the war for freedom.

Campaign VII, "By Force of Will"
1329 Avard
Campaign VII is about the invasion of Rakore, by the Ogre Nations. The orcs in all their hordes, the ogres in all their ferocity, the kobolds in all their desperation, have all attacked Rakore en masse. Worse, a Betrayer resides within the highest halls of government, and his work may be the undoing of Rakore's defenses.

Campaign VI, "The Hunter Wolves"
1327-1329 Avard
Campaign VI begins with the Night of the Assassins:  a night in which a sleeper guild of assassins is stirred from their hidden refuge, and set loose on the Rakoran city of Kashin.  Conspiracy theories abound, and yet all of them seem to be coming true!

Campaign V, "The Hunters and the Hunted"
1327-1329 Avard
Campaign V takes place in Rakore, and in the Empire of Vridara -- and everywhere in between. From sea elves after gold to Inquisitors after a gnome, the campaign has been a hectic hunt, with the party being prey one moment, and predator the next.

Campaign IV, "The Silent Battles"
1326-1327 Avard
The Silent Battles was about the transition from war to peace, in the aftermath of the War of the Undead. It is in this time of adaption that several heroes arose to quell the petty evils and loss of spirit that plagued the land in a time 'in between'.

Campaign III, "The Fire Goddess Returns"
1322 Avard
Four strangers from two different worlds and three different times would be drawn to the Avris Mountains to ressurect the Fire Goddess, Xoriah. One would go on to become the Chosen of Xoriah in a land that reeled from the second rise and fall of the Dark God, Nathel.

Campaign II, "The Final Battle"
1320 Avard
All the power and all the terror of the War of the Undead was channelled into one outrageous feat -- the ressurection of the Dark God in service to a mortal man. The final battle would call into service heroes from another time and another world.

Campaign I, "The War of the Undead"
1311-1326 Avard
In a land ruled by the Inquisition, dark things began to happen, and no one would act upon them. The harsh conquests of the undead, coupled with the magic-hating Inquisitors, would forge a motley band of heroes and heroinnes to face monumental evil.

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