Campaign VIII: Freedom

War. Death. Destruction. Mayhem. The small nation of Rakore has been beset by an invading army of orcs, ogres, kobolds, and worse. Out-numbered, betrayed by one of their grand dukes, and under seige from almost every front, the Rakoran people have refused to die. Down to the last child, they have chosen to fight for what they believe in: Freedom.

The People The Story The DM's Operation*
Characters: Warvold Deepsmith
Sammeth Knar
Recaps of: Mission 01 15-16 Trivor 1329
Mission 02 16 Trivor
Mission 03 16-17 Trivor
Mission 04 17 Trivor
Modules: The Return to Tymarell
The Four Winds
The Ograns
Doom's Day
*Player sensitive; not for PC consumption (may cause heartburn or death).

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