Campaign V: Chapter Four, Mission Two

Recap: The midmorning sun glared down on choppy waters, as the Green Maiden weighs anchor several miles north of Chirin Isle. Davor the 7th -- mid summer -- was a pleasant day, and the sailors quickly helped load the party's supplies aboard one of the ship's two long boats. At the base of the sea-side mountain lay the remains of a jetty, and the crumbled stone remains of several buildings. There, Ye'amen directed that they set up camp for the day -- for on the morrow, they would tackle the mountain. The old man pointed up the mountain, above the tree line, and said, "There lies Shir Amanod." Something in the night illuminated a distant point, high up on the mountain, with a purplish light for just an instant, but what it was, no one knew.

The next day proved a long and tiresome journey, in which Ye'amen's ring warned him that another member of the quest might be joining them. A drow'ari druidess by the name of N'Kara joined the party, along with her white tiger Snowstalker. Just shy of the tree line, the party set up camp -- only to see a fast-fading purplish glow from higher up in the clouds, followed by a massive thunderclap. Shir Amanod was inhabited by someone -- or something.

The next morning was cold and foggy, and the group began infiltrating the four towers of Shir Amanod. It was quite apparent that the upper levels were abandoned, and had been skillfully stripped of anything of value. Below, in the cellars and the catacombs, lay a natural cavern with a spring-fed pool. Near the pool lay bones -- from wolves, bears, and even humans. The bones had been gnawed on by a naked man, wearing only the holy symbol of Brigain about his neck. The walls glowed purple for just an instant, before he began blasting the party with lightning bolts, concussion spells, and more.

Ye'amen bravely rushed forward and knocked the mad priest into the pool, where the two of them nearly drowned. Huzar Ye'amen al Sharral was poisoned by the priest's attacks, but he was saved by the elf, Lucian -- an elf whose blue levin bolts had glowed with the same inner fire that the paladin's eyes had during the battle. The mad priest was so weakened by the near-drowning and his own cannibalism that Snowstalker was finally able to dispatch the wretched man -- but not before they had lost Ye'amen. In vain, the party tried using one of his quest spells to heal him, hoping that somehow the poison could be slowed in that way.

After intensive exploration, the hidden cache of the monks of Samis was found, but Ye'amen finally succumbed to the mad priest's poisonings. The cache was booby-trapped, with some sort of paralytic poison and silk threads and tripwires. They nearly lost the treasure itself when the floor to one part of the hidden cache caved in -- into the underground river. The river began filling in the catacombs, and flooded out the underground cellars of Shir Amanod.

The party cut a deal with Captain Komsoloph of the Green Maiden -- if the crew would supply the muscle, they could have the majority cut of the cache and the treasure. It was either that, or leave the isle with none of the treasure, and no way to get home from Aboris. After seven days of swift travel, the party at last caught sight of Aboris, capital of Al Fahim.

The paladin known as Jena had Ye'amen's ring, on a brightly lit morning of the 17th of Davor.

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XP Awarded: 400 (total to date is 750)

DM's Notes: Brandy got the keys to the battalion's Single Soldier Center, and we had a nice, spacious room to play in. They've even got a large fridge in there, though whether it works or not is debateable. Pam finally had a chance to play her lil drow'ari. She's always had an affinity for cats, and playing a drow'ari with cat-like eyes, claws, and scent is par for the course with her. I have some doubts about letting her animal companion be a white tiger -- with a white tiger's stats -- at 1st-level, but I'd rather the PC party have too much fire-power than not enough, for what faces them. Though the module itself only covers to this point, I've plans in the works for the rest of the campaign -- including the party's next mission in the Arabian-style city of Aboris, Al Fahim.

Jousha sat in on the campaign, again. He says he wants to play a dwarf, but I'm iffy on whether I can run a sixth PC or not. I'll have to talk to him, and see.

Mac and Adam had a good time (Mac plays a female a little too well), and Brandy did an admirable job of slipping on the paladin's mantle. Fred is a natural, and doing quite well for a first-time Dungeons and Dragons player -- though he admits to quite a bit of experience with some of the online RPG's and games, like Diablo and the like.