Campaign V: Chapter Four, Mission One

Recap: It is the 18th of Trilan in 1328, when Huzar Ye'amen al Sharral of Al Fahim steps off of the ship The Green Maiden onto the docks of Teras, Rakore. Having paid for The Green Maiden's services from stem to stern, Ye'amen's arrival is noted with considerable interest by all in Teras, for he flaunts money with no thought to it's value. The trade goods the Green Maiden brings are incidental, for the Huzar has begun searching for Rakoran magic-trained mercenaries to help him recover a valuable family heirloom that is reported to be magical.

Armed with a magical ring that foretells of prophecy, and potions of geas prepared by his Sheik, Ye'amen is actually looking to find Rakoran magic-trained peoples to help him find the legendary artifact Al Mudim. Al Mudim was supposedly some powerful artifact to rival even the Godslayer sword, and Ye'amen wants the artifact found -- and destroyed. Using his potions of geas when necessary, and his money when applicable, the Huzar quietly recruits the four people that his ring has led him to in Teras.

Once recruited, the four of them journey with the often sea-sick Ye'amen all the way to Chirin Isle, just south of Al Fahim. The journey takes many months, and allows Ye'amen's select four to get to know one another. The first of them was Cleo, a fifteen year-old, one-eyed human waif who is just as willing to sell her body as pick your pockets -- but something about the older Ye'amen and the imbibed potion of geas had pursuaded her to go along. Next to join them was Jenavee del Camper, a Banner Paladin of Yatindar, and a follower of the Sect of Merilyn -- a portion of the Church of Yatindar that favors the mages since the War of the Undead. The third member of the group was Sin Gunju, a samurai from the far-eastern lands of the Chamdoi Empire. The fourth and (for this mission) final member of the group was the sylvan elf Lucian -- a young elf with a falcon of jet-black color save for its wing tips and tail feathers.

Though Lucian's contribution to the group is questionable, his very alienness as an elf makes him seem invaluable. The paladin and the samurai appear to Cleo as the obvious brawn of the group -- while Cleo's own contribution could be readily apparent.

By the time they arrive at Chirin Isle, the date is the 7th of Davor -- mid summer.

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XP Awarded: 350

DM Notes: We all gathered in my room and made ourselves comfortable. Pam opted to wait until the next go 'round, before doing up her character. Another guy from the unit, Jousha, dropped in to watch. He stayed the whole evening, as we got the guys together, introduced them to Ye'amen, and got them onto the Green Maiden. The most fun they had was watching Jena and Gunju spar with one another; I think the samurai had it over the paladin, two out of every three times. There was much pizza, snacks, and cokes. I think I actually had too many snacks, because once the guys had all left, I had a good tummy-ache. Maybe I was a kender in a former life.