Campaign V: Chapter Two, Mission Twelve

Recap: The surface ruins of the ancient city of Terezcotta have been abandoned for centuries. After some hard searching, the party managed to find the entrance to the ruins' sewers in one corner of a collapsed building. Built by followers of Mikindim, the sewers had withstood the vagaries of time far better than the battered ruins above ground. Several close calls with old hydro-stone traps made the party realize that they were not alone within the ruins, for someone would have to maintain the traps.

After several twists and turns, the party ran into the Stonehammers -- a group of former slaves that had taken up residence in the ruins. The Stonehammers were dwarves that had more information about 'Chimunga', and the rest of the Black Stars. The party decided that infiltrating the rest of the ruins, especially against the Black Stars, and the mysterious guardian of the heart of the ruins, would be fool-hearty. On top of that, Faeradd told the Stonehammers that he was a wizard -- at which point the Stonehammers promptly kicked the party out of the ruins.

Rather than face all the evils of the ruins, and the Stonehammers, the party packed up on their boat, and decided to leave. They originally planned to just sail west until they found Kur Maeth, and then try to finangle their way through the Inquisitor-held city to Rakore, using Ahira as their guide. Once the sun had set, however, and icy fog enveloped the boat they were on...

Tangala'aseleph, the white-druid dragon of the Hoar Frost Clan, had news for them. Vessiss had been destroyed. Something was frightening the dragons, however, and Tangala wanted their help. The white dragon would transport them west, to the Avris Mountains, where another dragon would pick them up for transport to Rakore. When the mists cleared, they were already in the mountains.

A great green dragon known as Vristilistalamar encapsulated the party in a bubble of pure magical energy, and then caught it up in one great claw. Flying west, and low, he went through the lands of the Ogremai under cover of night. Depositing his cargo, the party, he returned to the forests of the Rakore.

Vristilistalamar had placed them in the fortress of Lok Sadic -- home of the Baron Sadic Vridara. The baron's servants -- drow -- sparked the party to fight first, and think later. Only quick reflexes on the part of Sam and Ahira prevented Faeradd and Phoenix from getting themselves killed.

Faeradd Bunuckle, gnomish illusionist, was born of Kara -- the fourth world in the system. The gnomes of Kara have lived for five centuries with the knowledge of their exile, and the tales of their enemies. The Dark Race -- the drow -- were the army that forced the gnomes away. The gnomes escaped through the Gates, but not before sealing the Gate Nexus behind them. To Faeradd, the appearance of two drow was all the excuse he needed to avenge his fore-fathers.

Phoenix Rising was an elven druidess of the Banoc Forests. On the southern end of the Banoc Forests had existed the drow city of Tyven. Tyven had fallen nearly six decades before to the undead hordes of Duke Elistan, and the remaining drow had been driven deep into the Banoc Forests -- or joined the ranks of the undead. The stories of the Storm Wars, and the evil cunning of the warrior drow, pervaded the druidic histories of Phoenix's world. To her, the drow were anathema to the workings of life, and the life energies she drew upon with her druidic powers made her hate the drow, though she had never seen one.

Several well-placed walls of stone from Sam, the half-earth elemental, eliminated Faeradd from the fight. Sam also managed to wrestle Phoenix to the ground, though her spells had entangled a small chunk of the baron's manor. The Baron Sadic himself had to interrupt the battle, in the full golemic form of a seven foot tall skeleton. Though not undead, the baron's physical form is that of a bone golem, his spirit bound to it by the strange wild magics that his friend and companion, Jandor Firelight, used.

After sorting things out, the Baron Sadic, and his drow servants, managed to make the party comfortable. After consulting with the Baron and the Bishop at Lok Giran, and receiving communications from Vristilistalamar, the Baron Sadic had an offer to make the party. They could accept knighthood, and all the benefits thereof, in exchange for their services to Firestorm. After taking time to debate the issue, it was agreed -- the party would accept the offer.

The date of their knighting was the 23rd of Lan, 1328.

Their first mission with Firestorm, is to help the dragons.

The party requested materiel and equipment necessary to complete this dangerous mission for the dragons, and for Rakore. They were limited to 50,000 gp worth of items each, as promised by Baron Sadic -- up to and including magical enhancements. The baron could not promise their wish lists would be fulfilled, given Firestorm's other missions, and the limitations of time and travel -- but he would do what he could, particularly with Lok Magius only a day away.

Item's Received: (for Zan) ring of chameleon power, bag of holding (type 4 bag, 60lb weight, ruck-sack appearance, 1,500lb capacity), boots of elven kind, gloves of swimming and climbing, assassin's dagger, ring of protection +2. (for Ahira) wand of cure light wounds (37 charges), ring of sustenance, Heward's handy haversack, periapt of wisdom +6, 100ft of silk rope, blankets grappling hooks, masterwork climbing kits, hammers, pitons, trail rations, water skins, wine skins, 2 5gal kegs of Rot Gut, 5 vials of acid, 8 vials of holy water, 3 thunderstones -- and his axe enchanted to +2 bonus. (for Sam) cloak of displacement, major -- and you wouldn't believe what the baron had to go through, to get it. (for Phoenix) periapt of wisdom +4, ring of protection +4. (for Faeradd) rod of wonder, amulet of natural armor +4. (for Earl) ring gates -- and Master Jandor had to be called on to find these, 3 potions of gaseous form, 3 potions of fly, 4 potions of invisibility, 2 potions of sneaking, 3 potions of slipperiness, and 4 potions of heroism.

Fitz: An illusionist of considerable skill, Faeradd chose an icer as his familiar. An icer is a cold-climate lizard native to Kara, and they can grow up to fifteen feet in length. Faeradd's is just a baby, though, at thirty inches in length. Fitz; lizard, medium-sized animal, currently 8ft in length; 1HD per level of Faeradd's (final growth at 8HD, though progression will continue; Init +2 (Dex); Spd 30ft., swim 30ft, climb 30ft; AC 15 (+2 Dex, +3 natural); Atcks bite +5 melee (1d8+4 points); F/R 5x5/5ft; SVs Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2; Str 17, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 2; Skills and Feats: Balance +10, Climb +9, Hide +7, Listen +4, Move Silently +6, Spot +4, Weapon Finesse (bite), [Improved Evasion], [Share Spells], [Empathic Link]. *Fitz adds +2 to Faeradd's Dexterity because of their empathic link. Blue-white in color, Fitz's spines are nearly transparent, like ice -- hence the name 'icer' for their species. Illusionists on Kara have found that, perhaps because of their deep afinity for the cold, or for ice, icers can retain illusions cast upon them exceptionally well. All illusions cast upon icers last 1 extra time unit per caster level.