Campaign V: Chapter Two, Mission Eleven

Recap: The party moved out onto Lake Tuvoi with the young elf Elfee in tow. Elfee simply could not get along with the group, and she was summarily tossed back into the water, where she swam to shore with her wolf friend, Mirage. The undead creature Richard simply ran out of negative planar energy, and slipped off the side of the boat Sam and Phoenix had constructed. Once again, the party was down to four -- Sam, Phoenix, Faeradd, and the slowly recovering Zan.

Taking to the north side of the lake, the party decided to attempt contact with a local tribe. Refusing to name themselves or their tribe, because of their culture, they proved friendly enough. Zan traded in his man-sized suit of scale-leather armor for a beryl crystal whose value was extraordinary.

The party also ran into Ahira Bandylegs, who had been on a crusade towards the Golin Sea to the northwest. After speaking in confidence with his kindred spirit, Sam, Ahira agreed to escort the party back towards Rakore. Learning the Faeradd was a gnome, and that the party were agents of prophecy and the Lord of Destiny, Brigain, Ahira vowed to aid them however he could.

After rising the next day, the village found their night guard horribly mutilated. There was a message left in the common tongue, written in blood: "I see you."

A quick scouting by Zan, riding Phoenix's giant eagle form, found the half-dozen Hyukyur warriors that had done the deed. But it still did not explain the message. The party felt that they had a three-fold mission in destroying the Hyukyur: 1) Discover who had left the message, 2) End the threat the Hyukyur represented to all the peaceful villagers in the area, and 3) discover the source of the beryl crystals, supposedly located within some ruins, near the Hyukyur villages.

After sailing across Lake Tuvoi without incident, Faeradd set up an illusory god-speech of K'Tath to sway the Hyukyur (identified by their purple earring feathers). After persuading the Hyukhyur that the party members were the 'chosen' of K'Tath, they helped the local village to go on a quest towards the north-east, towards the village once controlled by Vessiss. The Hyukhyur's new quest was to eradicate the undead that stood in their path.

Things did not go quite as well as the party might have liked, particularly when something out of the jungle began stalking the party -- and leaving more reminders, such as, "Can you see me?" written in blood.

After some in-party argument, it was decided to infiltrate the heart of the ruins of Terezcotta.