Recap: Early morning of the 23nd of Sad. The party picked up some help: Kivhass, a blood tomanth. Although not a fighter, he can apparently work leather with extraordinary skill, and he has professed a desire to learn the warrior's arts. After receiving word from Bridaraarayus about where the party's enemies may have gone, they and the crew of "The Frozen Bitch" sailed for Takanal. P'Arkon performed an amazingly heroic (or amazingly stupid) reconnaissance of the Rabid Plant, with Equal and Goliath. It turns out that the blue elf and the guy with the double-bladed sword were there. In a short, fierce little battle involving the guards, the party, and whomever it is the party is chasing, Tram was nailed by arrows, Arkon was nearly done in by the Chre warhorse, and Equal lost his tail feathers. With another annoying obscuring mist, the miners that accompanied the blue elf and her companion disappeared into the night's snow. After dawn, it became apparent that the big warrior had doubled back on the party, for he galloped through the party on his warhorse. Unable to stop him, they continued to follow their tracks, using Equal as a scout. The tracks veered off at the broken entrance to the sewers beneath the ruins, and though there were signs of trolls, the party decided to go through the sewers. The alternative was to face the big guy with the double-bladed sword and his damned Chre warhorse, plus an undetermined number of fighters and miners, and the blue. (Continue with The Ruins of Tymarell…)