Recap: Afternoon on the 22nd of Sad. Last time, the party went north to Takanal on a river sloop under Captain Thuldoon of The Frozen Bitch. In Takanal, they handed their remaining coffer off to a half-elf claiming to be from the Star's End monastery -- only he wasn't. Father Engrin let them know that the original representative from the Star's End had been a 'she', and she had mysteriously disappeared the night before their arrival on the morning of the 19th. Father Engrin and the monk from the Star's End had identified the items that the party had found. One of the items was of such power and interest to the monk from the Star's End, that Father Engrin had called in a few favors in Kashin, and had the Temple of Lul there research it. As such, the party has an open invitation from a Brother Estarban in Kashin, who wants to research the ring a bit more. After donating their reward to the Seven Sisters Inn, and concluding their other business in Takanal, they returned to Rilan near midnight of the same day. Early in the morning marks, they were attacked while they stayed at the Blue Tyven Inn. Six people -- one of them a water elven mage -- nearly did them in. After the party stalled their attackers (by going out the windows), and drew enough attention to the Blue Tyven from the Guard, their attackers retreated in an obscuring mist. They stayed the remainder of the night and the next day at the GE office with Lantheros, recouping their wounds. Over the course of the next day, after imbibing many healing potions, they set a trop to try and draw out their six attackers -- figuring that the six were after either the coffer that the party no longer had, or were after something else from the treasure they'd found near Takanal. The trap was successful, but only barely, as the same half-elf that had taken the coffer picked the ruby ring of Alibazcar off of them. They managed to track them south of the city to a small river barge getting ready to leave, and did battle with them. The battle was short, but viscious, and they barely made it out. They even lost Sivik, their tomanth companion, in the fighting. Though they cleaned up after the battle, they were left with more questions than answers, and returned to the GE office with their newly captured horses to rest and recuperate through the afternoon -- after a parting service for Sivik, at the Soul Smithy. While they were resting, a tall desert elf with lots of striped tattoos and a fellow wearing the colors of the Guard came up to talk with Lantheros.