Recap: 18th of Sad. The party was promised 200,000 SP by the Baron and the Bishop, in exchange for the emerald chalice, but delivery won't take place until the 3rd of Dasad at the Soul Smithy at Mount Rilan. They took a mission for a merchant at the Broken Bow by the name of Davad, to investigate a secret Rakoran arms shipment that had disappeared. The shipment had gotten caught up in a giant spider's cocoon, and then an ogran scout party had attempted to bury it. The party defeated the orcs, and then the spiders, and even managed to recover the shipment -- flasks that explode on contact with air (6d6 points of damage within 30ft). Six people followed them out to the shipment -- one had magic on him, and one rode a war-horse of immense proportions. Because of the potential for danger, they sent their familiars in to Rilan with one of the flasks. Cutheros the apothecary was injured in the explosion, which was attributed to a 'renegade orc with magic' (thanks to some rumors spread by the party). Their familiars were denuded in the explosion, but were otherwise unharmed; Equal cannot fly, because he has no flight feathers left. After nearly blackmailing Davad, the merchant put them in contact with his cousin Lantheros, the GE representative in Rilan. Lantheros outlined the nature of the shipment, and indicated that the party must find out who the six people following the party were, in case they know anything about the flasks. The party has a lot to do in Takanal, and so Lantheros agreed to get them there and back, by the next midnight, aboard a GE sloop named The Frozen Bitch, captained by a dwarf named Amian Thuldoon of the Warkore Clan. The adventure opens up again just after noon, as the party sets sail; their mounts were left behind in the care of capable Lantheros.

Missions: The party still has one of the coffers, destined for the Star's End monastery. As well, they have a number of items to pick up, in Takanal.



The female dwarf Jolain has the completed suit of rhino-beetle scale mail ready for Ahira. The masterwork quality scale mail grants AC +6, and is an irridescent green, mounted on hunter-green-dyed leather with bronze clasps. Jolain was thrilled just to work the armor, and asks for nothing more than to know it will serve Ahira well.

Thalamar, the tall, quiet tanner, has completed Tram's boots, gloves, and belts. The black leather is almost a suede, and will prove quite durable.

Father Tomalis Engrin had to call in a favor from the Star's End, to complete his studies of the items the party brought him, from the spider colony. He asks no price, save knowing that the cursed chalice was turned over to someone who could either destroy it, or remove the curse. Unfortunately, the information was presented to the priest from Star's End in the form of a poem…

Ivory ring made of birds flying in a circle: "The softest touch of the lightest feather, falls upon thy skin as does the kiss of the wind through thy hair, for thy height matters not when the world falls away, and the storms of thy soul quell as even the weather." (ring of feather fall, 2,00GP)

Potion in a bull's scrotum: "Strength, gone. Spirit, lost. Therein shall I restore some small part of thy loss." (potion of lesser restoration [coppery-colored, musty odor/taste, viscous, opaline appearance], 300GP)

Feather token of silver and steel: "Ink to parchment shall ye place, and the parchment shall I place in the hands of thy ink's intended." (Quaal's feather token, bird, 300GP)

Platinum ring with ruby dust formed into arcane runes: "As thy blade or bludgeon splatters blood upon thy face, so shall I aid thy weapon, giving unto thee thy opponent's blood which ye spill." (ruby ring of Alibazcar, 91,000GP) Note: Father Engrin notes that Brother Evoksis from the Star's End eagerly wanted to acquire the ring. Because Evoksis and all his fellow monks follow Samis, Father Engrin thought it wise to keep a particularly close eye on all the items. The monk did not attempt to steal the ring, or anything else, with everyone watching him -- however, it was quite apparent that he wanted this particular ring quite badly. Because of that, Father Engrin did a little research of his own, and sent word to the Temple of Lul in Kashin.

Just before the party leaves Takanal, a high-speed courier from Kashin will arrive with more details about the ring. The scroll identifies the ring as the Ruby Ring of Alibazcar -- one of seven rings that can be used to find one another. (See 7 Rings of Alibazcar for full details) A Brother Estarban at the Temple of Lul in Kashin would very much like to speak with the party about the ring, and offers free lodging and food should they ever visit Kashin.

One of Father Engrin's accolytes, a young man by the name of Defytte, has a bit of news for the party: a young shepherd near the northern edge of Takanal's lands was killed a week prior, not long after the party had left in the rainstorm. The shepherd was probably the last person left to know about where the ruins were, that held the emerald chalice. Defytte wouldn't mention it, except that Rain knows a great deal about horses. "What horse is so large, that one of its hoof prints is wide enough for two normal hoof prints to fit inside of it?" No ordinary warhorse is that large, and Defytte would like to know who killed the shepherd boy -- for he had been a friend. And yes, the warhorse had five regular horse companions with him… (see the Ruins of Tymarell)