Recap: 13th of Sad, the chalice has been turned in to the Soul Smithy and Father Korin; Father Korin has promised recompensation for the massive emerald, from the Bishop and Baron. Just getting to Rilan Proper brought them through a storm, forced them to fight a Seeker, and nearly foundered their horses. Currently, they're staying at the Blue Tyven: the horses are cared for and ready to go, there was a brief fight with Djon's father at the Shipwreck Zone, they've restocked on supplies, and Tram has begun the summoning for his familiar.

Tram's Familiar: The summoning results in -- nothing. Absolutely nothing happens. When Tram finally wanders downstairs at the Blue Tyven for breakfast, Levantith makes rude comments about one of the prior night's former guests. Instead of enjoying the night with Rain, he had been forced to hunt down one of the merchant's pets -- a small creature with orange-red fur that "delights in stealing the baubles of patrons, and then returning them."

Missions: The party still has one of the coffers, destined for the Star's End monastery. As well, they have a number of items to pick up, in Takanal.



The female dwarf Jolain has the completed suit of rhino-beetle scale mail ready for Ahira. The masterwork quality scale mail grants AC +4, and is an irridescent green, mounted on hunter-green-dyed leather with bronze clasps. Jolain was thrilled just to work the armor, and asks for nothing more than to know it will serve Ahira well.

Thalamar, the tall, quiet tanner, has completed Tram's boots, gloves, and belts. The black leather is almost a suede, and will prove quite durable.

Father Tomalis Engrin had to call in a favor from the Star's End, to complete his studies of the items the party brought him, from the spider colony. He asks no price, save knowing that the cursed chalice was turned over to someone who could either destroy it, or remove the curse. Unfortunately, the information was presented to the priest from Star's End in the form of a poem…

Ivory ring made of birds flying in a circle: "The softest touch of the lightest feather, falls upon thy skin as does the kiss of the wind through thy hair, for thy height matters not when the world falls away, and the storms of thy soul quell as even the weather." (ring of feather fall, 2,00GP)

Potion in a bull's scrotum: "Strength, gone. Spirit, lost. Therein shall I restore some small part of thy loss." (potion of lesser restoration [coppery-colored, musty odor/taste, viscous, opaline appearance], 300GP)

Feather token of silver and steel: "Ink to parchment shall ye place, and the parchment shall I place in the hands of thy ink's intended." (Quaal's feather token, bird, 300GP)

Platinum ring with ruby dust formed into arcane runes: "As thy blade or bludgeon splatters blood upon thy face, so shall I aid thy weapon, giving unto thee thy opponent's blood which ye spill." (ruby ring of Alibazcar, 91,000GP) Note: Father Engrin notes that Brother Evoksis from the Star's End eagerly wanted to acquire the ring. Because Evoksis and all his fellow monks follow Samis, Father Engrin thought it wise to keep a particularly close eye on all the items. The monk did not attempt to steal the ring, or anything else, with everyone watching him -- however, it was quite apparent that he wanted this particular ring quite badly. Because of that, Father Engrin did a little research of his own, and sent word to the Temple of Lul in Kashin.

Just before the party leaves Takanal, a high-speed courier from Kashin will arrive with more details about the ring. The scroll identifies the ring as the Ruby Ring of Alibazcar -- one of seven rings that can be used to find one another. (See 7 Rings of Alibazcar for full details) A Brother Estarban at the Temple of Lul in Kashin would very much like to speak with the party about the ring, and offers free lodging and food should they ever visit Kashin.

Nyakrah, male orc Rgr3: CR 3; Size M (5 ft., 0 in. tall); HD 3d10; hp 19; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (+2 Dex); Attack +6 melee (1d10+3 w/ bastard sword, crit 19-20 x2), or +5 ranged (1d4+3 f/ daggers, crit 19-20 x2); SV Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +2; AL LE; Str 17, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 9.

Languages Spoken: Kobold, Ogran, Orcish.

Skills and feats: Hide +2, Jump +6, Knowledge (nature) +8, Listen +3, Move silently +2, Profession +6, Speak language +2, Spot +9; Alertness, Skill focus (knowledge (nature)), [Track].

Possessions: 47 golden coins, medium masterwork bastard sword (335 gp), potion of tongues (750 gp) [fuchsia-colored, vinegary odor/taste, fuming, translucent appearance], wand of Melf's Acid Arrow (l2, cl3) (14 charges) (1,260 gp)

4 Orcish Rangers, male orcs Rgr1: CR 1ea; Size M (5 ft., 8 in. tall); HD 1d10-1; hp 9 ea; Init +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Imp Init); Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 ( +6 bone and hide splint mail); Attack +4 melee (1d12+3 f/ greataxe, crit 20 x3), or +3 ranged (1d6+3 f/ composite shortbows, crit 20, x3, range inc 70ft); SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +1; AL LE; Str 16, Dex 15, Con 9, Int 9, Wis 13, Cha 4.

Languages Spoken: Orc.

Skills and feats: Concentration +3, Craft (leatherworking) +1, Hide +2, Knowledge (nature) +3, Listen +1, Move silently +2, Search +1, Spot +1; Improved Initiative, [Track].

Possessions: jade statue of Samis (140 gp), 46 SP between the four

T'bruurk, male kobold (coyote mounted) Rgr1: CR 1; Size S (3 ft., 6 in. tall); HD 1d10+1; hp 11; Init +4 (+4 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 (+4 Dex, +1 Size, +1 Natural, +2 leather armor); Attack +2 melee (1d6 f/ shortsword, crit 19-20 x2, or +6 ranged (1d6 f/ shortbow, crit 20 x3, rang inc 60ft); SV Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +1; AL LE; Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 7.

Languages Spoken: Kobold, Orcish.

Skills and feats: Climb +2, Craft +2, Heal +3, Hide +8, Jump +2, Listen +1, Move silently +4, Profession +3, Search +4, Spot +1, Swim +4, Wilderness lore +5; Improved unarmed strike, [Track].

Possessions: 4 potions of cure light wounds (caramel colored, burning/biting odor/taste, watery, smoky appearance)

Coyote: CR 1; Size M (4ft long); HD 2d8+4; hp 13; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 50ft; AC 14 (+2 Dex, +2 natural); Attack +3 melee (1d6+1 bite, crit 20 x2); SV Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +1; AL TN; Str 13, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.

Skills and feats: Hide +3, Listen +6, Move Silently +4, Spot +4, Wilderness Lore +1, [Track +4 w/ scent], Weapon Finesse (bite)

Doom Rex, male human Ftr7/Rgr4/Rog4: CR 15; Size M (6 ft., 2 in. tall); HD 7d10+7 + 4d10+4 + 4d6+4; hp 96; Init +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 19 (+1 Dex, +8 f/ full plate); Attack +18/+13/+8 melee (1d8/1d8+5, crit 19-20 x2), or +18/+13/+8 ranged (1d8+4, crit 20 x3, range incr 110ft); SV Fort +11, Ref +11, Will +8; AL CE; Str 18, Dex 19, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 12.

Languages Spoken: Common, Elven, Ogran, Orcish, Dwarven.

Skills and feats: Alchemy +8, Appraise +11, Climb +12, Concentration +7.5, Forgery +11, Gather information +8, Heal +8, Hide +11, Intuit direction +11, Jump +13, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (religion) +6, Listen +2, Move silently +4, Perform +7.5, Pick pocket +11, Profession +4, Read lips +7, Search +12, Spot +9, Swim +15, Tumble +10.5, Use magic device +7, Wilderness lore +3.5; Ambidexterity, Blind-fight, Dodge, Improved critical (composite longbow), Improved initiative, Iron will, Leadership, Power attack, [Track], Two-weapon fighting, Weapon finesse (two-bladed sword), Weapon focus (two-bladed sword).

Possessions: two-bladed sword that appears to be a quarterstaff with both sheathes on, composite longbow w/20 arrows, burned-black full plate beneath charcoal-black robes, 8 potions of cure light wounds (50GP ea) [buff-colored, lemony odor/taste, watery, flecked appearance], Chre warhorse (2,000GP), horseshoes of speed (1,900 GP)

Ranger Spells Per Day: 1.

T'saarachk, male elf (aquatic) Sor4/Clr3 (Samis): CR 7; Size M (5 ft., 0 in. tall); HD 4d4+4 + 3d8+3; hp 33; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 11 (+1 Dex); Attack +4 melee, or +5 ranged; SV Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +11; AL LE; Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 18, Cha 17.

Languages Spoken: Common, Elven, Ogran.

Skills and feats: Alchemy +7, Concentration +8, Hide +1, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Listen +6, Move silently +1, Scry +8, Search +4, Spellcraft +2, Spot +6; Quicken spell, Still spell, Track.

Possessions: wand of cure light wounds (l1, cl1) (30 charges) (450 gp), 3 smokesticks (20 gp each), potion of enlarge (at 5th level) (250 gp) [apricot-colored, fruity odor/taste, oily, opaque appearance], ruby spinel (dusky red) (1,318.3 gp)

Sorcerer Spells Known (6/7/4): 0th -- Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Ray of Frost, Read Magic. 1st -- Summon Monster I, Magic Missile, Spider Climb. 2nd -- Web.

Cleric Domains: Trickery, Evil.

Cleric Spells Per Day: 4/3+1/2+1. (DC 14 base + spell level): 0th -- Light. 1st -- Doom, Obscuring Mist, Cause Fear. 2nd -- Cure Moderate Wounds, Hold Person, Silence, Summon Monster II.

4 Marksmen, male humans Ftr5: CR 5; Size M (5 ft., 8 in. tall); HD 5d10+5; hp 35; Init +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Improved initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 (+2 Dex, +4 scalemail); Attack +8 melee (1d8+4, crit 19-20 x2), or +7 ranged (+8 w/in 30ft) (1d8+3, crit 20 x3, range incr 110ft); SV Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +1; AL LE; Str 17, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 9.

Languages Spoken: Common.

Skills and feats: Climb +9, Handle animal +7, Hide +2, Jump +11, Listen +2, Move silently +3, Spot +2; Alertness, Blind-fight, Improved initiative, Point blank shot, Power attack, Weapon focus (longsword).

Possessions: 4,300 gp in gear. Longswords, composite longbows w/20 arrows each, scalemail armor, riding horses, 5 Ogran-recut rubies each (200GP/ruby)