Recap: 10th of Sad, and though the sun has set but minutes ago, the darkness is absolute -- save when the lightning flashes. The party has been asked to carry a cursed chalice, cut from a single emerald, to Mount Rilan, where the priests or the mages there can dispell the curse. Already, the curse has taken the Seven Sisters Inn, in Tikanal. Father Engrin, his wife, and his three acolytes have all blessed the party -- and the raven -- for the perilous day and a half ride along the river. Leaving in a horizontal rain may add considerably more time to that ride. In the meantime, a suit of scale mail made from the iridescent green scales of a rhino beetle is being made; the suit will be complete on the 12th. Boots and gloves and belts are being made for Tram, and will be complete by the next day.

Mount Rilan:

Mount Rilan is the collective name given to several important communities located either on or at the base of the Mountain known as Rilan. Situated along the Galanus River, and located in the relative geographic center of Rakore, Mount Rilan is a nexus of the churches, government, mage studies, commercial traffic and activities, and the military.

Malden: One of Tikanal's soldiers wants the emerald chalice for the Inquisition, so that he can destroy Lok Magius with it. Malden is dressed in studded leather armor, and carries a longsword like he means it, as well as a shortbow. He is a Seeker from Kur Maeth, sent to Tikanal to wait for some opportunity to undermine Rakore. Malden will use stealth, if possible, to secure the chalice -- but brute force is also an option.

Malden, male human Ftr2/Rog2: CR 4; Size M (5 ft., 8 in. tall); HD 2d10+2 + 2d6+2; hp 25; Init +5 (+1 Dex, +4 Improved initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (+1 Dex, +3 f/ studded leather armor); Attack +5 melee (1d8+2 w/longsword or 1d4 w/fists), or +4 ranged (1d8+2 w/shortbow), +5 at point blank ranged status; SV Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +0; AL NE; Str 15, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 11.

Languages Spoken: Common.

Skills and feats: Craft +5, Disable device +4, Disguise +1, Hide +1, Listen +5, Move silently +1, Open lock +1.5, Ride +2, Sense motive +4, Spot +2, Swim +7, Use magic device +5; Alertness, Blind-fight, Improved initiative, Improved unarmed strike, Point blank shot.

Possessions: 2 flasks of acid, potion of truth, 2 covered darkness stones (20' radius), 3 grossulars (faint green garnets worth 97.2GP ea), gold wafer (20GP)

In Rilan:

Djon Senior: Djon and his brothers are dead, and Djon senior wants revenge. He's tracked the party as far as he can, and now he wants revenge.

Djon Senior, male human Ftr3: CR 3; Size M (5 ft., 3 in. tall); HD 3d10+3; hp 26; Init +6 (+2 Dex, +4 Improved initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 18 (+2 Dex, +6 f/ banded mail); AC 13 with Dodge; Attack +6 melee (1d6+3 f/ shortsword), or +5 ranged (1d4+3 f/ dagger); SV Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +1; AL LE; Str 17, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 11.

Languages Spoken: Common.

Skills and feats: Climb +8, Handle animal +5, Hide +2, Listen +0, Move silently +2, Spot +0, Swim +5; Combat reflexes (3 attacks of opportunity, against 3 different opponents), Dodge, Improved initiative, Mobility, Point blank shot.

Possessions: 2 antitoxin doses, masterwork shortsword, 3 ducats, 1 potion of cure light wounds, golden necklace (60 SP)

Lok Giran:

The area is ruled by Baron and Bishop Nodrom "Dwarfendale" Fistforger. His stronghold is known as Lok Giran, which in the dwarven tongue translates to Fortress of the Soul. The mountain itself has considerable religious associations, at the heart of which is the naming of the Galanus River after the former God of the Dead. Baron and Bishop Dwarfendale maintains order with a relaxed hand, letting things run themselves with minimal guidance. However, he is not above keeping things fair in the interest of society, and has been known to level a building if its owner refuses to comply with good and fair practices.

Rilan Proper:

The city itself was designed to support the Baron and the Bishop's fortress of Lok Giran, but it also generates considerable revenues because of its location on the Galanus River. The riverside docks are extensive, and provide an excellent way-station for travelers from all over the kingdom. Because of its prominence in supplying both Lok Giran, and Lok Magius, a wide variety of peoples can be found in Rilan for a wide variety of purposes. Mages, priests, pilgrims, protestors, merchants, farmers, ranchers, sailors, foresters, soldiers, and rangers all use the centrally located, ideally set mountain as a stop-over, and a meeting place. Though the local population is rather moderate, the fluctuating population is considerable.

Lok Magius:

The heart of all arcane magic studies in Rakore, takes place at this sprawling complex on Mount Rilan. Made of several stone buildings on a small plateau on the mountain's face, Lok Magius (Fortress of Magic in the dwarven tongue) is headed by Brin Vridara, whose familiar is an intelligent parrot capable of casting spells. Lok Magius specializes in the general studies of arcane magic, and is more focused on research and basic studies.

    1. What color nimbus arises from abjuration spells, when detect magic is cast? Ans: Blue
    2. What is the focus component for Melf's acid arrow? Ans: a dart
    3. How long does arcane lock last? Ans: Forever, until dispelled
    1. Armor: +2 shield (4,000GP)
    2. Weapons: +1 gauntlet (2,302GP), +2 light lance (8,306GP), +1 arrows (2,350GP per 50)
    3. Potions: hiding (150GP), ghoul touch (300GP), glibness (500GP), protection from elements (sonic) (750GP)
    4. Rings: protection +2 (8,000GP), warmth (2,100GP)
    5. Rods: python (13,000GP), immovable rod (7,500GP)
    6. Scrolls: erase (25GP), levitate (150GP), hold person (375GP), phantasmal killer (700GP), mind fog (1,125GP), move earth (1,650GP), prismatic spray (2,275 GP)
    7. Staffs: size alteration (6,500GP)
    8. Wands: summon monster I (750GP), shatter (4,500GP)
    9. Wondrous Items: bead of force (2,000GP), figurine of wondrous power (silver raven) 3,800GP, Nolzur's marvelous pigments (5,500GP), bracers of armor +3 (9,000GP), helm of underwater action (24,000GP)