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At seventy years of age, Aust is tested by his grandfather to see if he is capable of becoming a sorcerer or a wizard. Aust passed the tests with amazing results (results that will never again be equaled until his cousin, Lucian.) Aust is offered the chance to become a sorcerer and denies it, deciding instead to just be a simple elf. "There will always be time for magic later." Aust decided that he had had enough of the life of this village, and he wants to see the rest of the world. Aust left the village and decided to become a sailor. He sailed around the world many times, always writing home, but never going there. The War of The Undead drove Aust off the sea and onto the land once again. As battles raged all over the world, Aust ran into a very attractive young human woman that seemed to be searching for something or someone. She introduced herself as Saranella, the chosen of The Flame Goddess, Xoriah. Aust laughed at her at first, saying that canít be, because everyone knows that Xoriah is dead. Sara quickly drew forth the twin sai blades on her hips and touched them to Austís arms. They burned deep within his soul. He could feel the old magical powers to command the elements again. He felt alive again for the first time in years. He felt that he could cast magic and make things happen again if only he believed in Xoriah. At that moment, Aust had a theological breakdown. Everything he was taught about the elemental gods dying together was not true. But he now knows the truth. When the Earth, Air and Water gods were killed, Xoriah fled -- realizing that she could not defeat the wielder of the God Slayer. He then dropped to his knees before Sara and offered himself to Xoriah. Sara told him to rise and offered him the life of a cleric. Aust knew that this was his only chance to feel alive ever again. He knew that he could not pass up this chance as he had the chance to be a sorcerer. Sara told Aust what he needed to know about Xoriah while the two of them walked together. One day, Sara came to Aust and told him that she had to go to a temple of Xoriah in far away city. Aust followed her to the temple, but he did not want to stay there -- so he went back to the seas that he enjoyed to find work as a shipís cleric. Not too long after that, he was hired on the Black Holly II -- and found his niche, with the group that he now travels with. He is glad to be reunited with Lucian, and feels that he is actually making friends (somewhat) with Xzax. NíKara is mad at him still, but he is trying to be nice to her, and hoping that she wont stay mad at him -- because she is a very interesting person. Cleo and Seamus are a little hard to read, sometimes, but he thinks that Seamus likes him, and Cleo is not quite to sure what to make of him. Maui obviously likes him, due to the fact that Maui has come to him asking questions about being a cleric several times. The newest member of the party, Chimera, is an interesting character as well. She does seem like someone that he would like to get to know better as a friend.


I. Introduction
II. Peoples
III. Magic
IV. Conduct of Clergy

I. Introduction
Since Xoriah has returned just a few years ago, we clerics have been traveling as far as we can to spread Her word to any and all that will listen to us. The church hierarchy has little rules, and those that are in place are mostly flexible to some point, as long as people worship The Fire Goddess. There are some that we dare not violate, but some are just suggestions instead of ďrulesĒ. Our beliefs about magic, races and types of people, sex and marriage are explained herein. You will find everything that you need to be a well accomplished cleric of Xoriah in the pages to follow. Since the end of the War of the Undead just a few years ago, Xoriah has sent a few of Her most trusted clerics over the world to spread the word that She is not dead.

II. Peoples
Because our people are traveling all over the world, spreading the news that She is not dead, we will come into contact with many different types of people. We choose to keep to our own race most often, simply due to our own nature. We therefore will each most likely recruit other clergy and followers of our own races. This is a fine idea. However it is encouraged that ever cleric of Xoriah travel all over the world so that we can increase the chances of finding the Lost City. Due to traveling, you will come across many new and interesting races. Do not lose your faith or doubt in yourself, should you come across races that scorn you or that are not willing to accept Xoriah. There is no god on all of Gaeleth that is worshipped by everyone. So, many races will be more willing to listen to you then others. Figure out who will listen to you, and use that to your advantage. Should you convert someone, and convince them to become a cleric of the Great Fire Goddess, you must send them to meet the Chosen of Xoriah, Saranella. Saranella wishes to meet every cleric of Xoriah during her reign as Chosen. It is written that Saranella will choose the next Chosen some day, and that is why she wishes to meet us all. As clerics we do fight, but not very well usually. You should hire as many fighters as you can to assist and to protect you.

III. Magic
Magic is a portion of the world. It does not matter if the magic is arcane or divine. Divine magic is granted to us by the gods. Arcane magic comes from within us. If magic were bad, the gods would have put a stop to it along time ago. There are rumors that all sorcerers are somehow related to the dragons. This is correct. In order to wield the power of arcane magic as sorcerers do, you must have some sort of dragon blood in your veins -- no matter how diluted it may be from generations of breeding. Magic is one of the most misunderstood things in our day and time. You will meet many who can wield the arcane spells, and that can also pray to their gods and have those prayers granted to them. All types of magic go hand in hand. You could not have divine magic without arcane magic. You cannot have arcane magic without divine magic. The two are interwoven within the webs of time and of life itself. Thus we will not prosecute anyone who is accused of being a sorcerer or a mage. Should you meet one that can use the arcane arts, you should attempt to speak to him at once. They can teach you many things about the world around you. If your faith is strong enough, you may be granted limited powers in the arcane arts.

IV. Conduct of Clergy
As clerics, it is required that you conduct yourselves in a certain manner at all times. Clerics will not be promiscuous, but they are allowed the pleasures of the flesh, and they are allowed to be married to another. As a cleric of Xoriah, it is granted to you that you may bless the union of other couples as well. If you wear armor, your holy symbol will be emblazoned across the front of it -- thus your armor becomes your holy symbol of Xoriah. This armor will give you the power over the undead creatures of the world. At some point in your career as a cleric, you must make at least one trip to meet the Chosen. Also, every cleric of Xoriah will search for the Lost City. The Chosen directs the search for the Lost City from her temple. If she believes it is possible that you may find the City, then she will inform you of that. At no time will any cleric of Xoriah enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with or marry another cleric, no matter what god or goddess the other cleric worships. When in the company of other clerics and of paladins, a cleric of Xoriah will ensure that at no time does he or she offend the god or goddess of the others. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. There are certain gods and goddess that have angered Xoriah over the years. Your own studies of all religions shall teach you what you need to know about all other gods and goddesses, and their relationships with Xoriah. No member of Xoriahís clergy shall hold office in any government, except as a counseler of religious matters. The Church has its own government that you may participate in, should you wish to hold some type of office.

All of the rules mentioned above are open to your interpretation, but any time that you feel you must alter any rule mentioned in this tome, you must confer with the Chosen to obtain the guidance and blessings of Xoriah in the matter. Xoriah will not grant prayers to those who violate these set rules. Should you violate a rule above, you must either make amends to Xoriah immediately, or face the wrath of the Flame Goddess.

This is my first report to the Church since I left earlier this year. I was hired on a ship when I arrived in Teras, called the Black Holly II. I fear that I may have wounded the pride of the dwarf that hired me. As is common knowledge in Rakore, Dwarves use garbage cans as camouflage when in the cities of humans. Well, I fear I may have ruined the can that this particular dwarf used. He asked me to show him a sign of my faith (as if my holy symbol were not enough for him), so I simply prayed to Xoriah to mend his can. When we left the tavern, he destroyed the can to get out of it. I may have to find him a new one, somewhere.

When we returned to the ship, it was soon discovered that another member of the crew had been kidnapped. I, of course, decided to assist in whatever way I could to find the man. We went to my old home village of Terrace to retrieve the man. When I made it up to the room where he was being held, I cut him down only to discover that he is my cousin, Lucian. So, now that I have found a member of my family that I thought destroyed along with my village, I feel that I will stay with this group as long as possible. After destroying his kidnapper (an elf named Beral that I vaguely remember from my days in this village), we went back to the ship and continued on to Lok Magius. Here, we met with a few more magical types. I also discovered that a few members of the crew have things that they wish to hide from everyone, or that just make them interesting. One member of the crew seems to be draconic of some sort, one is a Drowíari, another was recently resurrected, a fourth (the captain) is an elf that was raised by dwarves. I cannot imagine a stranger grouping of peoples, but they seem to be searching for something. So far, the members of the crew as I can put it, consist of the captain, Seamus; a bosun, Thalst; and a group of motley adventurers that seem to be hunted by trouble. Xzax is the one that appears to be draconic of some sort. NíKara is a drowíari. Cleo was recently resurrected. My cousin Lucian is also here. There is a sea ranger named Maui, a fighter named Gheledon, a blood tomanth named Visik, and it seems that they left two people back in another area of the world. I will report more when I am able. May Xoriah bless and keep you.

I have been spending some time with Lucian, catching up on our times spent away from each other, and what happened to my hometown. We stayed at Loc Magius while the rest of the group goes to talk to the Stonehelm clan of dwarves. But not long after they left, we received word by way of Lucianís familiar that we maybe needed by the party. We got a friend of Lucianís named Prat to teleport us to where we thought the party might be near. We accidentally landed in a druidic grove that was inhabited by a nymph. If it had not been for Xzax's quick response to us appearing, Lucian and I maybe dead now -- but Quill did not make it. After the night was spent there listening to Lucianís dead mother calling for him, we left the area and headed for a piece to the thing that this group is looking for. We found that there was a plague going on, and that we could not go to the Stonehlems, first as we had planned -- so we went straight for the piece. We reached a set of ruins, but not without a few minor arguments about what we should do. It was all settled when Seamus left and tried to go alone for the piece. Then Xzax followed him, and there was no way I was going to let them go without someone to help heal them. The rest of the group followed me. We finally found the piece we needed, and were able to leave after only a few days on land. But when we go to where our ship should have been, it was replaced by a note from the bosun. There was a scrag in the area, so they went to try to shake it, so we camped and decided to wait here. May Xoriah keep you and bless you.

You will not believe some of the things that have occurred since my last report. First, when we awoke the morning after I wrote my last one, we found that Xzax had left the group. Luckily we were able to track him with the cats that he and NíKara keep. She was able to convince him to rejoin the party, and ever since, they have seemed to become closer then they were before. I also found out why Lucian and NíKara both have been a little stand-offish to me recently. They saw me kill some orcs that were dying, and thought that I had done something wrong because the orcs had surrendered prior to collapsing to the ground on the verge of death. But that situation will take care of itself in the long run. I feel no mercy for what I did because of my time in the orc wars, but I do regret that I may have permanently driven a wedge between myself and part of the group. Soon after this we returned to the Holley to find that it was there, and ready to leave. As we left, however, we found that we were not alone, and the crew did not get rid of the scrag as they had planned. After dealing with it, and the fact that it almost killed Xzax and NíKara both, we finally got away from it due to a bit of power NíKara whipped up for us. But even before we could deal with the scrag we were spotted by an orc-laden roc. It turned out that there was a half-orc, half-elf in the rocís claws that it did not notice until it tried to turn and grab us. The half-creature came flying into the side of the ship, and we hauled it on board and found out later that itís name was Chimera. She is half desert elf, and half orc. Soon after reporting to Mistress Brin of what we found for her, we decided to go to the Stonehelmís together. We traveled to Loc Sadic first for supplies, though. While at Loc Sadic, a dwarf was murdered and all signs pointed to the little slip of a girl, Cleo, as the killer. In the morning, with the aid of Xoriah, I ensured the Lord Sadic that Cleo was telling the truth when she said she had no idea of who had killed the dwarf. We then left to go to Mount Basilisk, and then to the deeper reaches of the mountain to Seamusí clan. Once inside the mountain, we discovered with the aid of a priest of Galgiran that Cleo was possessed by a demon of some sort that was trying to protect the party from dangers, and that the dwarf had been trying to hurt Chimera. When Cleo found out that she was possessed, she pulled a dagger from somewhere in her clothes, and killed herself. Luckily, Xzax had a diamond on him that Galgiranís priest could use to raise her from the dead. We found out that she was no longer possessed, and that she was possessed as a way of spying on us by the minions of Argunas. Yes, demons do still exist, and their god is still alive and granting their prayers. This could spell trouble for all of Gaeleth if he is successful in stopping this party from gaining what it is trying to gain. May Xoriah keep you and bless you.

We finally made it to the realm of the Stonehelms. I never want to be so far under ground again in my life!!! Xzax, NíKara, and I had to be taken to the surface for a bit of time so we could get some fresh air. During the night, Xzax and NíKara noticed a roc flying over the mountains. We returned to Seamusí father to tell him what they had seen. When we returned to Seamus and the rest of the group, Seamus told us that he was looking for an old friend of his that might help us with our ďquestĒ. He said he heard him on the edge of the town yelping. It seems his friend is a kobold. We went to investigate, and ran into hoards of undead, and the smell of orcs, but no kobolds. We decided to return to the town and see what we could find out. We found Kyip the kobold in the tavern. He seemed quite civilized for a kobold. He told us of a new Doom in the area. Seems this one is smart and does not just attack, but uses traps and such for killing enemies. We then found out that someone had opened a sealed portal to a long dead and somewhat forgotten city of ancient dwarves, and had raised the dwarves as undead warriors. We then got into a bit of an argument with Seamus about if we should stay and fight or if he should stay alone. Seamusí father told us what passage we were to guard and all of us went to defend it. There were more undead and a bodak. We were able to hold them all off, and hold the passage until Seamuís uncle arrived and sealed it with a prayer to Galgiran. May Xoriah keep you and bless you.

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