The X Campaigns

The X Campaigns are those campaigns run by Dungeon Masters that have discovered Gaeleth, and run campaigns on it. I know the 'X' variable has been used and abused of late, but in this case, I think it's highly appro pro, for these are truly eXceptional Dungeon Masters and Player Characters. Each campaign is listed by Dungeon Master, with Diego DaSilva's Free Will campaign being the second. The first, Luke Parish's Ancient Histories campaign, has limited notes.

xCampaign III, "Unexplored Territories"
1329+ Avard
Campaign run by Brandy McPherson

Far to the south, in the uncontrolled territories of southern Galanath, a diverse cadre have welded themselves into a small but powerful force for Good against the unknowns of a harsh world. The uncontrolled territories have seen no masters for half a millennium, and the evils they have spawned have gone on, unchecked. Until now.

X Campaign II, "Free Will"
1329-? Avard
Campaign run by Diego daSilva

Two men wake up to find themselves chained as slaves, with no memories of their past. Their options are slim: go into slavery as workers, or go into slavery as warriors. The perks of their slavery, as gladiators, are wonderous indeed -- but are they worth the price?

X Campaign I, "Ancient Histories"
circa 702 Avard
Campaign run by Luke Parish

Where did the legendary Book of the Dead come from? A group of adventurers begins to get caught up in a mystery that changes the nature of the future, as a necromancer begins delving into the mysteries of the past, and constructing a book of considerable power.

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