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Tromth, the Earth God

“Earth sustains; Earth is; Earth is all.”

Symbol: mountain

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: patience, strength, endurance, history

Worshippers: druids, miners, herders, alchemists

Cleric Alignments: LN, TN, NE, NG

Domains: protection, earth, travel, animal

Favored Weapon: antler

Animal Totems: caribou, bear


The followers of Tromth tended towards primitive hunter-gathererism, and yet were also comfortable with and familiar with more civilized lands. Animals and life itself tended to fall within the domain of Earth, or so the church and followers of Tromth believed. That all things physical were linked, and that all solids were linked and a part of the over-arcing whole, drew in alchemists as well. Tromth's people were often civilized individuals who also trained on 'the old ways'.

Physical Description

Tromth was always portrayed as a sort of elemental earth figure in humanoid shape. Simple figures of clay or worked stone, and sometimes of ivory or antler, were all the descriptors ever made of the earth god. Earth elementals were often revered as avatars of Tromth.


During the Prism Wars, as panic and mayhem spread, the druids and the mages called upon nature and the elements to defend themselves. The Relic of Tromth was found at the same time as three others, and their fates were intertwined – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water given god-like form. The four Disciples worked in harmony, for the most part, establishing churches and converting members who would worship all four as a single pantheon. The elemental pantheon grew slowly but steadily, gaining converts and power, until it reached its peak during the Shaping Wars, five millennia after the Prism Wars.

The Chosen of Tromth during the Shaping Wars was ruled over by The One, an elemental sorcerer of incomparable power. The Chosen of the Earth served side by side with the other Chosen, altogether known as the Four. The Sixty-Four was an elite group of elementalists controlled by the Four, and together they ruled a nation side by side with the theocratic elemental churches. As the Shaping Wars erupted into full swing, The One and his minions scoured the globe for elemental artifacts to secure their nation from interlopers, and at the same time, sought to hide the artifacts that the other nations and peoples searched for. During the ensuing chaos, an outside power discovered the God Slayer, Giran Howell. As the Shaping Wars escalated, all sides found themselves targeted at least once by the God Slayer, and the elemental pantheon was devastated by the loss of Tromth, the Earth God. Enraged by this loss, The One went literally insane, forcing a confrontation between the other three elemental gods and the wielder of the God Slayer. The nation of Elementis was destroyed that day, as the God Slayer also destroyed Ayelin, the goddess of water, and Blervoncara, the air god.


Tromth's Relic was believed to be within the heart of the tallest of the Heavensbanes Mountains, in a deep cave, protected by creatures great and small. With Tromth killed by the God Slayer, the Relic likely was destroyed as well, causing a small earthquake within that great mountain.


The Church of Tromth taught survivalism in many forms, and helped the civilized lands keep in touch with their ancient hunter-gatherer roots. Miners, stonemasons, farmers, and many others worshiped Tromth at least in part. The greatest mass of worshipers, though, were the plains herders of the frozen north. They continued to worship Tromth even after his death, even though no priests had powers.

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