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Rahne, Goddess of War

“Nothing is impossible; some things are merely improbable.”

Symbol: caltrop

Alignment: Neutral Good

Portfolio: warfare, wisdom, defense

Worshippers: warriors, fighters, militias

Cleric Alignments: NG, CG, LG, LN

Domains: war, knowledge, retribution, protection, good

Favored Weapon: long spear

Animal Totems: wolves, cougars


The Church of Rahne studies warfare – how to prevent it, and how to win at it. The church takes on the duties of teaching the common man how to defend himself, as well as defending those unable to defend themselves. Members stockpile resources against bad times, including the creation of way stations between distant towns and cities. Priests understand that the greater good is at stake, and the survival of its congregation and the good peoples of the land is the church's primary responsibility. Knowledge is a valuable tool, and both priests and congregations are encouraged to learn as much as possible against the day such knowledge is necessary. Although 'offense is the best form of defense', the church believes in building strong defenses whenever possible, against the possibility such defenses might one day be needed.

Physical Description

In human depcitions, she is usually painted as a shorter woman with equally short, flaming red hair. Her green eyes seem hooded and distant, as though seeing things that no mortal could see. Rahne's bronzed skin covers thick muscles and a voluptuous endowment, and she often wears furs and leathers of a grayish color, lined with rich blue velvet. The Goddess of Wisdom is usually depicted as surrounded by peaceable wolves with grayish fur. Oddly barefoot, the best statue of Rahne lies in the monastery of Our Lady's Wisdom in the Heavensbane Mountains.


Three hundred years into the Age of Survival, the various kingdoms and city-states were falling into considerable disarray. Siege warfare continued to tear down those that remained, and true strategists were rare and few and far between one another. In the nation of Preselka, the nation's prince began to undermine his father's power. Seeing that the king's petty squabbles, useless luxuries, and lack of loyalty would destroy the kingdom, the prince set about organizing a secret set of guilds that would maintain the strength of Preselka. Slowly gathering treasures from across the land, and from his father's vault, Prince Namirka plotted the death and overthrow of his father, using his modest charisma, and his ruthless logic. As the death stroke was delivered in a coup that would shake the foundations of the kingdom, one of the treasures turned out to be a Relic – the Relic of Rahne. The goddess quickly set about instructing her first Chosen, who learned the secrets of strategy and sieges with frightening speed.

Over the next several millennia, word of the goddess spread, and gradually began to quell the various battles and wars. Where she was worshipped, uneasy peace sprang, for defensive fortifications became stronger and more resilient. Her priests and preachers brought wisdom and the long-view to regions torn asunder by wars and petty squabbles, disease and lasting anger. During the Shaping Wars, she guided members of many sides, helping them to maintain what footholds they gained. A mistress of defense, Rahne was well respected during the Age of Peace, and her thoughts and teachings were integrated with the work of Mikindim. In the Storm Wars, her followers were assassinated and targeted by Nathel, almost before the wars had begun. When Nabrol took up where Nathel had left off, Rahne was left with the uneasy task of rebuilding her hierarchy. The Church took a significant blow, and spent the next five centuries slowly recovering from that devastation. When the War of the Undead reared its ugly head, there was a resurgence in worship of Rahne, and she added two new Disciples to her church. Since that time, she has slowly grown in worship and power.


Deep within the Heavensbane Mountains, and high atop one of the highest of the mountain peaks, is a strong and well-built monastery to Rahne. Named “Our Lady's Wisdom”, the monastery maintains a vast record of activities for the church, as well as Rahne's Relic. Well guarded and sitting atop nearly impossible passes, the monastery itself is virtually impregnable.


The Church of Rahne has always sought to promote the long-term view of life. Acting more for the greater good than the individual man, the church has often seemed aloof and uninviting to the lower classes. But to the upper classes and the ruling classes, the words of Rahne's teachings have carried great influence. The church also helped to defend small towns and hamlets that were unable to protect themselves, from the inhuman tribes of ograns and goblins. Providing teachers in times of war, instructors in times of peace, and long-range thinkers in times of need, the church has always served as a bastion of knowledge and power to a dark and unfair world.

The heart of the Church of Rahne is the Basilica in Karmen, where the Chosenresides and manages the church. A massive domed building with tall minarets, it is also heavily fortified, with wide grounds and thick walls. Unapproachable by siege engines, unclimbable by ladders, and unassailable by conventional forces, the Basilica has stood as a symbol of Rahne's guidance since the Age of Peace.

Rahne's Disciples travel the lands in the interests of the church, earning their pay as warriors and consultants. Often working hand in hand with other gods and their followers, Rahne plays no favorites, and promotes the general welfare however she can.

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