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Olorin, Goddess of the Seas, Lady of the Depths

“Heed me, and live; defy me, and perish.”

Symbol: waves & fish scales

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: oceans, waves, seas

Worshippers: sea-goers, merfolk, kraken, crabmen

Cleric Alignments: LN, TN, LG, LE

Domains: water, law, travel, strength

Favored Weapon: short spear

Animal Totems: dolphins, sharks


Followers of Olorin believe that the sea is a harsh mistress, but fair. They feel that Olorin is the true queen of all the seas of Gaeleth, and that without her, all would be chaos and unfair. Olorin ensures through her priests that the seas provide, the depths are sometimes fathomable, and that respect is mutual.

Physical Description

She is usually shown as a sleek, lithe figure with cobalt blue eyes and blue-green hair. A mature woman, her eyes sparkle like the oceans with wisdom and mirth that runs as deep as the currents themselves. Her long hair falls to her feet in thick rivulets like water, and her long robes seem as though they could slip off at the merest gesture. Her strong jaw speaks of human worship, though her pointed ears speak of elven prayers.


During the Shaping Wars, the oceans of Gaeleth shifted in fundamental ways. The visible differences in the land caused by the Four and their elementalists were only part of the changes wrought over the face of the world. The lands beneath the oceans changed as well, altering currents and changing global weather patterns. The powers released by the demons of Argunas heated currents, and the chilling might of the dragon god Milthel cooled them, throwing the oceans into chaos. The denizens of the sea, and the mariners that plied her, cried out for an end to the destruction and creation that occurred at rapid paces. The var gauf of Emperor Akmaen Delture searched the world for royal sigil of the House of Delturan; instead, one of them found the Relic of a new goddess. Olorin quickly subjugated anyone that got in her way, using the resources of the deep to coordinated effect. In essence, she caused the oceans to heal themselves, though guided by her will. Sailors and seaman quickly rallied to the new god, for her worship was simple: obey her simple rules, or face the oceans themselves as an enemy. Coastal churches sprang up to her worship, and the other races of the oceans created temples to venerate her and her administration.


The var gauf that pulled Olorin's Relic from that muddy sandbar received a surprise so great, it stopped his heart. Several beach fishermen nearby rushed to his rescue, only to discover Olorin. Prostrating themselves at her feet, they became her first Disciples. The Disciple Teksumo Harishima took the Relic with him out to sea to place it upon a hidden island deep in the Goordune Ocean. Before he reached the island, pirates took his small vessel captive. Tortured and maimed, he was put to death before the newborn goddess could fathom the circumstances. The oceans themselves ripped the pirate vessel apart, sending its crew to the bottom of the deepest underwater trench in the world. The swells and storms above the spot continued to writhe in fury and torment, and Olorin swore the spot would never be sailed upon again. Her Relic lies buried beneath the silt and sediment of the millennia, along with the skeletal crew of the ship.


The Church of Olorin cares only for the livelihood of the sea. Anyone or anything interfering with the will of the Church is refused access to its use, sometimes by the very sea itself.

The priests and clerics of Olorin educate on the Rules of Seas, as well as maintaining the balance of use versus stability. The Rules are simple, and do not discern between Good or Evil:

Take no more than the sea can give.
Give no more than the sea can take.
Pay a token toll for the sea's use.
Do no harm to the priests.
“Your affairs are your own, until you break my rules”.

Though men rarely acknowledge it, the priests of Olorin know one another – from the huge cities of the mermen beneath the sea, to the denizen krakens, to the floating cities of the Sholin. The sea is divided up into sections, with certain Disciples and their priests to administer the sections. The borders shift with the currents, but are somehow known to the priests so that disputes do not arise. The Chosen of Olorin is always chosen from among the denizens of the seas.

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