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Nabrol, the Mad God

“Let their rivers flow red with blood..!”

Symbol: triangle

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: blood, sacrifice, madness

Worshippers: Nabrolians

Cleric Alignments: CE, NE

Domains: destruction, death, evil, chaos

Favored Weapon: spiked gauntlet

Animal Totems: piranha, scorpions


The followers of Nabrol tend to believe that all other gods are lesser deities, and that Nabrol is the supreme ruler of the Gaelethic pantheon. Nabrol's madness is mandatory, to them, and his demands for sacrifice are a must to survive in a crazy and insane world. The church's responsibility is to bring sacrifices to Nabrol's alters, or Nabrol will end the world in Thelhurkrol – the Final Bloodletting.

Physical Description

Nabrol is always shown as a winged god, whose feathers and nude body are covered in the bits and pieces of people he has slaughtered. In one hand is always a coiled loop of intestines, and in the other is a hidden object, clasped in his fist and held high in victory. Short-haired with a closely cropped beard, and a great deal of body hair, Nabrol's is depicted as an attractive (though hairy) human god. However, his stance, and the wild look in his eyes and his face, leaves no doubt that he is insane.


For all his history, one of Nathel's most ruthless and dependable archons was Nabrol. The archon was entrusted with the most dangerous and most secretive of missions for nearly ten millennia, from the Sister Worlds War, until the Storm Wars. During the Storm Wars, the existence of Giran Howell, the God Slayer, drove a sliver of ambition into the loyal archon. As Nathel's plan unfolded perfectly during the war, Nabrol began to maneuver events into fruition that would allow him to bypass Nathel, and become a god in his own right. When General Roreth placed Giran Howell into the hands of Simon Luminar, Luminar slew Nathel – but it was Nabrol who helped egg on Nathel to dispense with the paladin of Yatindar, in person. Nathel's avatar was helpless before the awesome might of the God Slayer, and as the shockwaves of Nathel's death swept across the world, Nabrol grasped what power there was for himself.

The sheer advancement of godhood drove the archon insane, and the portfolios he absorbed from Nathel pushed him over the edge. Ruthless and cruel, he demanded many of the same things Nathel had once derived from his servants. Unimaginative, but at the same time determined to be different, the Mad God set about finished Nathel's work, though with the chaotic and crazy plans of a mad god. The northern alliance finally crushed his armies and his own archons, and he licked his wounds for several centuries in the southern continent called by his own name. During the War of the Undead, Nabrol's forces finally cut a deal with Olorin, and rowed across the seas in massive triremes, to harass the western forces and the Fourth Crusaders. A massive explosion, hurled forward in time five centuries after the retributive strikes by the Karatikan Alliance, destroyed three quarters of his continent, and wiped out three quarters of his people. Driven further off the edge by the loss of so many of his people, and the sudden influx in power that brought, Nabrol sought to dominate the whole of the southern continents, from Baroneth to southern Galanath – and failed miserably. Beset by failure, and driven mad with blood lust, Nabrol has taken to his old ways as an archon, working in secret, and finally learning the lessons of self-control and deceit.


At the very onset of Nabrol's war on the Karatikans, he sent his Relic forward with his Disciples in an attempt to wrestle the Relic of Yatindar from the Honor God. The disciples of both Nabrol and Yatindar met in the Bloorineth Mountains, and battled for three days straight. In the end, the Relic of Nabrol (and his Disciples) was lost in a volcano known as Mount Therillium. The volcano's heat and magma were augmented with protections cast by Yatindar's Disciples. Later, a red dragon made the volcano his home – and he was a priest of Milthel, the Dragon God. Many Nabrolian adventurers have attempted to retrieve the Relic, all to no avail.


The priests of Nabrol exist to serve the Mad God, performing the sacrifices that Nathel had been so fond of, and keeping the people 'properly' fearful of their god. The heart of the church is in the city of Sikmodak, at the mouth of the Vakan River in Nabrol. His priests enforce his will, and carry it out, no matter how strange his demands. Maintaining a small but powerful force of well-trained hill giants, they also serve as a warlike extension of Nabrol's will, whipping the populace to war or frenzy as needed. The church is the government in Nabrol's militant theocracy, and dominates all aspects of Nabrolian life, with the Chosen being merely a manager of sorts for the Mad God. The Chosen's Disciples act as military rulers and heads of the church for their districts.


Followers of the Mad God make a blood sacrifice into a bowl at each sunset, and fire accompanies the blood that is spilled. Part of the standard kit of Nabrolian soldiers is a sphere that pops apart to form two bowls, and nestled within one of them is a candle, flint and steel, tinder, and a small blade. Soldiers on patrol or individuals caught out alone at sunset often make use of the kit to spill a bit of their own blood into the bowl, with the candle burning.

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