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Mazripos, the Rot Goddess

“I try to kill you. You stay alive after that, then I no let others kill you.”

Symbol: bacterial globs

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: disease, sadism, masochism

Worshippers: ograns, kobolds, masochists

Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, LE

Domains: evil, destruction, healing, death

Favored Weapon: whip

Animal Totems: giant lizards, maggots


The followers of Mazripos believe that only the strong survive. They feel that, to prove one is strong, one must undergo great trials of pain and disease. Those who are not strong enough to survive – or who probably would not survive, anyway – should be put down early to prevent a wasting of resources and time. The church of Mazripos spreads disease, and the diseased world-view of Mazripos, wherever it can – including a hunt for magic and new diseases.

Physical Description

Mazripos is depicted as a grossly fat, fetid ogress with hundreds of body piercings and no clothing. Her horribly diseased skin is full of warts, pimples, and various infections, ranging from phosphorescent fungi to ticks. As a fertility goddess to all the ograns, she is often depicted with either a kobold pup or an orcling suckling at one of her six breasts. Her chosen weapon, the whip, is often in her other hand, and welts are usually prominent on both herself, and the youngling at her breast.


Mazripos has reigned over the orcs and the goblins since the initial Prism Wars. Her Relic was torn from the womb of an elven maid that had consorted with an ogre, according to ogran tradition. The first hero to wield the Relic of Mazripos wiped out a human village with plague, and then went on to lead a frenzied civil war among the orcs that made him a king. He displeased the Rot Goddess by trying to take as a consort a human female free of communicable diseases. The consort died of her initial infections from the orc king's bed, and then Mazripos herself struck the orc king dead when he demanded a priest to return the consort to life.

During the Shaping Wars, Mazripos played a bit part, trying to gain as much advantage as she could for her ogran and goblin peoples as possible. She was opposed by the emergence of Whalin, a god of healing and compassion that stood against everything she was. Whalin, and later Mikindim, would thwart the Rot Goddess at every turn, and thus thwart the majority of the ogran and goblin races. Mazripos has remained a powerful influence over her peoples, but has not been able to overcome the forces of her opponents with the brute force she so often employs. While her diseases can be deadly, her enemies have retaliated against her with lethal Crusades and the like.

During the Storm Wars, Nathel used the Rot Goddess with surprising results. Her priestly agents managed to infect support towns and cities of the Karatikan Alliance, crippling their armies. Her disease-causing priests were less effective once the war was well underway, and Nathel shrugged her aside as insignificant. After Nabrol's rise to power over Nathel's death, Mazripos has kept a personal vendetta against the Dark God's people that supersedes her hatred for the disease-curing god of compassion Whalin.


Though the Relic was reportedly torn from the womb of an elven maid that consorted with an ogre, it is more probable that the Relic was found in Shalurin Desert during the Prism Wars. The Shalurin was a sea of dunes that served as home to the ogran races during the Prism Wars, and is a large part of the ogran lore. The Shalurin Desert was destroyed two millennia before the Shaping Wars, due Mazripos' displeasure with the worship of Argunas by 'her' ograns.


The priests of Mazripos work to spread disease, rot, and filth. They believe that to truly test the body and the spirit, one must continually battle both the visible world of orcs and humans, but the invisible world of disease and funguses. The ogran races, after millennia of exposure to this philosophy, have become resistant to a host of diseases. As such, the priests must introduce new diseases, but not at such a rapid pace that they destroy the race. The priests also encourage visible warfare, sewing chaos and fomenting trouble either between the clans or between the clans and other races. Kobolds and goblins rank low within the hierarchies of the Church, with hobgoblins and orcs holding a roughly equal position, and orcs and ogremai holding the top echelons. Thus, the priests tend to believe more in brute strength and strength of numbers, over cunning and tactics.

The Church of Mazripos has no official headquarters, and only localized High Priests and High Shamans. They continually battle both druids and the priests of Whalin, as well as siphoning off blood magic for the elite ogremai. Though the priests of Mazripos rarely interact directly with magic, it is a secondary dictate of theirs to secret magics away for use by the ogremai. Inevitably, the High Priest or High Shaman of a geographic region is an ogremai or hobgoblin sorcerer of considerable power. The Chosen of Mazripos is always a female, and to become a Disciple, one must have killed a mate in bed with a venereal disease.

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