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Brigain, the Storm God, Lord of Fates

“Beware the storms of Fate, for not even gods may escape them.”

Alignment: True Neutral (Ruthless)

Portfolio: storms, destiny, prophecy, lightning

Worshippers: prophets, druids, clerics

Cleric Alignments: TN, NG, NE

Domains: air, destruction, sun, travel, water

Favored Weapon: two-bladed sword

Animal Totems: raven, deathwatch & scarab beetles


Followers of Brigain believe in the power of prophecy, preordination, and the predictability of peoples. They also tend to see storms as beautiful things – neither agents of chaos, nor something that should always be. The church of Brigain is responsible for finding and recording prophecies, and for changing the weather through the power of the priests. Most followers of Brigain believe him to be the dominant or most powerful of all Gaeleth's gods.

Physical Description

Few indeed are the physical depictions of the Storm God. Generally, he is portrayed as an elemental force composed of thunder clouds and nimbuses of lightning. Brigain works his might through mortal agents, and nearly universally, those workers are depicted with irises and pupils made of storm clouds with lightning flickers.


The holy books of nearly all other deities make references to Brigain, and tracing through those holy books gives a sketchy history of the Storm God. The first follower of Brigain wore the god's Relic on a pendant about his neck, and his name was Elraiezel. With the global weather patterns in chaos during the Prism Wars, farmers were desperate for rain, and cities were deluged with floods. Where Elraiezel walked, the weather righted itself, and soon Disciples arose to spread his power. One of Brigain's Disciples, Morf, was killed by the royal guard of the city-state of Murkaria. Morf had eased the suffering of a rival of Murkaria's, making the crops grow and the rains subside. One word from Elraiezel in the right place at the right time touched off a chain of events that would destroy the whole of the city-state. Within one year, Murkaria was a memory – and nothing else remained. Since that time, the small Church of Brigain has been met with grudging acceptance by all other churches. An emperor of Truellia once remarked, “If the gods play a great game with mortal men's souls, then Brigain plays a great game with the souls of gods.”


Elraiezel's last words caused the construction of the Tower of Brigain to begin. A massive, unassailable fortress, the Relic he had worn about his neck for all his life was placed upon an alter on the top-most floor of the Tower.


The heart of the Church of Brigain revolves around the Chosen, who resides within the Tower of Brigain. The lands around the Tower have been neutral territory since Elraiezel's death, and a city has sprung up around the Tower, peopled by the followers of the Disciples and those artisans and merchants needed to support them. The Church is very small, and has very few priests. Limited in numbers, all priests must pass a Ritual of Destiny within the Tower, before the Relic of Brigain. If the priest fails, he is burnt to ashes by the lightning of a god – if he succeeds, he becomes a priest of Brigain; once a priest of the Storm God, he perpetuates the Master Plan, also known as Destiny. It is not known who set the Master Plan, and priests of Brigain acknowledge that Brigain himself did not. The Master Plan has timetables of events and destinies that the priests must fulfill. There is a certain variability to the Master Plan, for it is interwoven with the Gods Plan. The priests of Brigain adhere to the Gods Plan as best they may without interfering with the Master Plan, in exchange for the support from the other churches of Destiny. Priests of Brigain are sometimes given tasks beyond the scope of imagination, acting as instruments of Prophecy and Destiny. Wherever the priests of Brigain go, they are given freedom by the local churches to fulfill Destiny. However, their rarity in numbers makes it unlikely for a priest to have visited anyone in living memory.

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