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Argunas, the Demon God

“Make the strong, your own, and feast upon the weak.”

Symbol: summoning circle

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: demon summoning, death, destruction

Worshippers: demons, demon summoners

Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, CN, TN

Domains: chaos, destruction, evil, fire, strength

Favored Weapon: spiked chain

Animal Totems: cockroaches, flies


Followers of Argunas are encouraged to spread chaos, death, and intrigue – in the hopes of gaining the favor of the Demon God. Those who gain the favor of Argunas are sometimes granted eternal life, succubi beyond number, and other boons of greed, lust, and evil. The Church of Argunas is charged with spreading the Demon God's chaos, for the demons are agents of chaos and evil.

Physical Description

Argunas was depicted in statues as a demon with great, out swept bat wings ringed in fire. His head vaguely resembled that of an over-fanged wolf skull, with great, forward-swept bull's horns upon them. His body was massively muscled, with cloven hooves and the legs of a lion. Great size was indicated by the various race's ribs he used in his banded mail armor, and by the pommel of his sword, that was a human skull.


When the Shield first went up over all of Gaeleth, it protected the world from outside interference, and sealed the pathways to the Abyss, home of the demons. Because of the Sister Worlds War, a great many demons were in service on Gaeleth, and they could not return to the Abyss. At the same time, no new demons could be summoned. The demons procreated in the chaos sewn by the Prism Wars, and though they were summoned back and forth across the surface of Gaeleth, managed to found a nation of their own. A human conjurer by the name of Draklth Mor found the Relic of Argunas in the Heavensbane Mountains, and the Demon God immediately changed the nature of the Prism Wars. Cunning and evil, treacherous and chaotic, he worked out of the Heavensbanes for several years, but was later confined to the continent of Shadareth with his demon followers. Other races praised him, as well, though rarely of their own will, and many were stuck on Shadareth with no way to flee. Generations of slavery and power and demon-worship changed that continent into a twisted landscape that echoed the nature of the Abyss. Argunas and his minions were confined to the continent, but reveled in the power of their prison.

During the Shaping Wars, it was found that a great many sorcerers derived their power from demon blood flowing through their veins – remnants of the chaos of the Prism Wars and the subsequent Demon Wars that would confine Argunas to Shadareth. The sorcerers delved into their dark arts with a flourish, and used demon summoning to draw forth the evil creatures from Shadareth to do their bidding. The demons caused massive chaos and destruction, aiding whatever sides utilized them in seeking the various artifacts and relics that would give them the upper hand over the other sides. The One, an elemental lich seeking the artifact Chombodrin, made it a secondary mission of his to destroy Argunas and all of his minions. After several years of conflict, the elementalists gained the upper hand, and began to decimate the numbers of the demons. Another party destroyed the One, and his elemental followers, but the damage to Argunas' church was too great for the Demon God to overcome.

Sorcerers with the blood of demons faded into the general populace, and there were too few demons to continue their own blood lines. As summonings of the demons continued for whatever reasons, many of the other churches continued to slay the demons that left Shadareth. His non-demon followers faded into oblivion, and the continent of Shadareth was left sealed off from the rest of the world, and accessible only through powerful Gates and summoning circles. Most cultures consider Argunas dead, though he is anything but.

With the fall of the Shield, and the reopening of the old conduits to the Abyss, Argunas has grown in power. The demons of the Abyss that are summoned to Gaeleth find themselves beholden to the Demon God – and unable to leave Gaeleth.


Most of the other churches feel that his Relic was lost to time somewhere in the Heavensbanes, and because they think his demons are no more, they think the Relic may be no more, as well. Argunas' Relic is actually embedded in the animated skeleton of his most powerful demon-warrior. The skeleton serves as personal body-guard to the highest ranking demon-priest of Argunas.


The most powerful segment of his church still in existence, is the one on Shadareth, composed of the various demons that worship him. The theocracy of Argunas dominates demon life on the Dark Continent, urging the worshippers onto greater personal strength and power, and breeding treachery and war. A general understanding of life under the Church of Argunas on Shadareth is next to impossible, infused as each demon is the ability to transform pain and death into arcane magics. The Chosen of Argunas is assumed to be a demon, as are his Disciples.

Outside of Shadareth, a very tiny number of priests still worship Argunas, in the hopes of being granted great power or treasure. Some priests worship Argunas for personal reasons of vengeance, especially when K'Tath or another of the gods of 'justice' are not vindictive enough. There are no real churches of Argunas outside of Shadareth, and the followers of the priests of Argunas are usually a fearful lot, especially because of the power of the Inquisition.

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